Tuesday, June 15, 2010

90 Min Shirt at the Fire Station

Well, I am totally addicted to Dana's 90 Min Shirts.  I've been able to do them without the aide of her awesome tutorial ever since making the first one.  They're just that easy.  And what better proof for how easy they are than... another one?!

I whipped this one up today while Olivia was napping and I was talking to my sister on the phone.

(Unfortunately I didn't take pictures until after the sun had gone down.  So I ended up with some blurry/dark pictures, but a few came out okay.  Maybe if I'm feeling really committed I'll take more tomorrow and post them then.  Maybe...)

Anyway, I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I constructed it from a colorful stripey shirt and a light yellow shirt.  I usually use the bottom hem of the adult shirt I cut out for the main body of the child shirt, but the bottom edge of the stripey shirt was torn to shreds.  So, I decided to add this little wide cuff down at the bottom.  I really like the look.  I'm thinking of making her a dress this way.  It would be super easy.  We'll see.

Oh, and I added a little side tag out of the plain yellow.  You know how I feel about side tags.  :)

I also added a little tag to the back.  This time I put it on the outside.  On purpose.  BAM.

I love this little dear decal that was on the stripey shirt.  I tried to position it just right, but I wasn't exactly sure where it would land on the finished shirt.  Success!  Just where I wanted it to be.  :)

Olivia woke up just as I was sewing on the sleeves, so literally the moment after I finished sewing it I put it on her and we headed out...
...to the Fire Station!

One of my good friends organized a little field trip to the fire station for some of the neighbor kids.  Olivia didn't really seem to have any idea what was going on, but, ya know, it was fun to get out and do something with friends.

This picture is a good illustration of how Olivia felt about the fire station.  Ecstatic.

The firemen showed us around, were very patient with all of us young moms repeating everything they said to our small children, and even let the two year-olds sit in the front seat of the big fire engine.  Sorry, Olivia.  Maybe next time.

The firemen pulled out a fireman's suit and asked if one of us moms would put it on.

"The kids get scared if we put it on," they said, "so one of you will need to do it."

Most of us were holding babies and avoiding eye contact with the firemen, but Jenny stepped up to do it, despite the adamant protesting of her two year old.  Haha.  Doesn't she look great?  Totally ready to save the day.

As we all know, fire trucks are big.

Really big.

Isn't her little shirt adorable?
Red stripes and a red polka dot hair clip to perfectly match the fire engine.

The firemen gave each of the kids a sweet "Junior Fire Fighter" badge (a.k.a. sticker).  Here's the big O sporting her new badge and doing a great spartan pose back at the playground.

Born hero?
I think yes.

Made even better by a really cute shirt?
Most definitely.

"Hmm... Now where are some fires I could put out?"


dana said...

oh my! I love love LOVE the shirt you chose! I'm a woman for colors and stripes :).
Always feel free to share with me!
Very cute!

Lisa Lou said...

I love the shirt and the fire station field trip. And her hero pose. What a star.

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

It looks super awesome, Katie! Too bad Charlie wasn't there to show off his cool Provo Fire Sweatshirt you made him. It's very cool looking though! If you did this while you were talking to me on the phone...you were way more productive than I was, that's for sure!

Kathy Haynie said...

And I think YOU are a hero for making such adorable clothes on the cheap. Way to go! Darling girls, both of you.

Lckevan said...

I love the cute colorful material you used! Do you just use old shirts? Do you get them at DI? I will definitely be making one of these (or two or three) for Sadie.

Katie Lewis said...

Yes, I just use old shirts. Yes, I buy them at DI. :) Or sometimes we have a neighborhood swap of free stuff we want to get rid of and I'll often swipe a few shirts then too.

Samina said...

Very well made and looks store bought actually.

Unknown said...

I love the shirt. Good job!