Saturday, June 19, 2010

Awesome Fabric

Don't you love fabric?  I do.  In fact, I tend to horde it.  Maybe just a little.  Often I want fabric just because it's pretty, even when I don't have a specific project in mind.  Does anybody else feel a little crazy that way?  Maybe it's just me.

Speaking of fabric, have you visited Cherry Lane Textiles yet?  Holly, owner and operator of Cherry Lane Textiles is one of my awesome sponsors.  I've never met her, but I love her.  She is so nice!  And I'm not just saying that.  Every time we've ever talked (read: e-mailed) she's always been so polite, so positive, and so generous.  Not to mention uber prompt.  And her service is first rate.  Every fabric order I've ever placed with Holly has come faster than I expected, always folded up cute and adorned with her lovely little business cards.  Holly is just plain one of those people I love doing business with.  I hope you'll give her a try and buy some of her wonderful fabric! 

And if you want to try out the whole Cherry Lane Textiles experience for free, come on over to my birthday party and enter the giveaway (it closes tonight at midnight, winners announced tomorrow on my birthday).  Holly's giving away a scrap pack full of samples of some of her favorite fabrics to two lucky winners.  And, well, lucky they will be.  Because if I know Holly--and I think I do when it comes to giving away fabric--she is putting together some awesome fabric bundles. 

Best of luck in the giveaway!  Oh, and, for my birthday will you do me a favor?  Go check out Holly's shop.


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Yes, I am definitely with you on fabric. We must have gotten the same fabric obsession/almost hording genes. :)

Kathy Haynie said...

Haha - my fabric boxes are getting pretty tired. Maybe it's time to toss some of the 80s fabric and hoard a little of Holly's pretty fabrics?