Friday, June 25, 2010

Boring Mailbox

Man, junk mail is just so typical, right?  So not exciting.  Maybe my relationship with mailboxes is a little distorted after only being able to write letters to and receive letters from Bryan for two whole years while he was away on his mission.  Haha--I feel fairly certain that my mailman during that time thought I was insane.  And, rightly so.  At least once when I thought there'd be a letter from him (uhh... Bryan, not the mailman) I crept down to the mailbox (it was downstairs from my apartment), only to see that the mailman was there right that minute and then I was left with the awkward situation of either having to creep back up the stairs unnoticed (which was impossible) or to just go down and either wait for him to finish or ask if I could have my mail.  In my agony of heart I decided to be bold and just ask for my mail.  Which he gave to  me.  Which was not a letter from Bryan.  Which may or may not have set me off crying.  Hahahaha!  Oh, me.  It really does make me laugh to think about it.

So, like I say, maybe I have a strange relationship with mailboxes.  Maybe nobody else cares about those weird spots of time where all you get in the mail for days and days and days is junk mail.  This has actually not been the case with our real mailbox lately.  It was my birthday, remember?  So I've been getting pretty cool mail there.  But my e-mail inbox has been a bit depressing for the past couple of days.  I don't know exactly what I expect to be there.  Just something amazing I guess.

Perhaps after the huge influx of comments on my birthday giveaway my more regular flow of a few fun things to read each day has become a bore.  For some reason when I turned on the computer this morning I felt that I should have a lot of exciting e-mails in my inbox.  Umm... but there was only one.  One nice e-mail from one of the lovely ladies who won my birthday giveaway and then two boring lame-o e-mails, one from Amazon telling me about some sale on Endless (I swear I get that e-mail at least 3 times a week) and my (practically daily) e-mail from Borders telling me about some sale.  These are sales that, by the way, I have NEVER taken advantage of.  But I definitely don't want to mark Amazon as spam since I do actually buy things there occasionally.  And although I never use the coupons from Borders, I think if I were to be completely honest with myself, the reason I don't mark those as spam is because then there would be even less in my inbox to greet me in the morning.

Anyway, it's not that I expect you all to do anything about this.  I just felt like telling you all how boring my inbox has been these past few days.  Has yours?

Edited to add:  I just received the following in my inbox from Kim at Seven Thirty Three.  I felt that the art work was too great not to share.

Thanks Kim!  Happy Friday everyone!


Kathy Haynie said...

Cute video - I think that email counts as something amazing - no?

Anna said...

Katie, I am addicted to mail too. I miss getting letters like I got on my mission. I have found, however, that it is pretty satisfying to get free samples in the mail. It's always fun to get a little box of travel size shampoo or the latest fitness bar in the mail. I started just signing up for the free samples at, because they are famous for never sending you anything other than the sample (no extra junk mail), but then I branched out and now if I have a free moment I will sign up for the free samples on I highly recommend it :)

Katie Lewis said...

Haha, so true Anna! I totally love getting free samples and stuff in the mail. Perhaps I'll have to sign up for the ones you mentioned. :)

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Well, here's another email for your inbox...and maybe we'll have to send you a little something for your mailbox too.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is too cute! It's funny how we become attached to things and expect them to be there for us. Email? Who Knew it would brighten our day? I just found your blog and it has been a pleasure. I will be back again soon to read more.