Saturday, June 26, 2010

Great Buys

I love a great buy.  It's like finding success on a treasure hunt.  And, in my opinion, way more fun than just regular old shopping, though I do love that too.

As you all know, last Sunday was my birthday.  My sister surprised me with a $10 gift card to Old Navy.  Woot wooot!  I was super excited.  I figured I should at least be able to get a new shirt or something.  Which my wardrobe is desperately in need of.  So on Tuesday evening Bryan and the big O and I went to Old Navy.  We looked at all the new stuff.  It was nice, but I didn't see anything I really wanted to spend my sweet birthday gift card on.  Then we hit the clearance section.  Where I belong.  Some of the stuff there, sadly, did not belong.  Some of the things were not on clearance.  They were just on sale.  (Yes, cute, trendy skirts, being available for $24 when you used to be $26 is hardly clearance.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.)  But when I stopped gawking at the shameless trendy skirts, parading around the clearance section when they obviously belonged in some private country club, I noticed the jeans.

Oh, the jeans.  I usually don't even look through jeans anymore.  They never fit right and it usually ends in some postpartum body remorse.  But when Bryan said, "Hey, there's jeans," or something like that, for some reason I decided to check them out.  Now, we all know that jeans in the clearance section usually have awkward butterfly bling on the rear end or some super strange strings lining the sides, but these ones didn't.  They were lovely.  So plain.  So normal.  So I grabbed six pairs to try on.  Three in one size, three in another.

Well, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, the smaller size fit!  And they fit great.  Instantly my new favorite jeans.  BFFs.  And I never say BFFs.  Oh, and guess how much they cost?  $5.  Five dollars!  Ah!  It still fills me with joy every time I think of it.

See?  They are so miraculously normal!  And just the right ratio of sungness-looseness.  So comfy and wonderful.  Absolute bliss.

And since I still had some extra gift card dough left over, I also bought this awesome shirt.
Uhh... for $1.97.  That's less than two dollars, folks.

And it is absolute perfection.  Light and breezy, bright, fun color.  And fairly flattering on pudgy old me, if I do say so myself.  Aaaaand it has these wonderful little sleeves with the holder uppers that keep me from sweating like a pig.  So wonderful. 

So, in short, that's about a $7.00 steal from Old Navy.  With some extra cash to burn.  Awesome birthday present.  Thank you!  And to my wonderful siblings who didn't send me birthday presents-- I still love you all.  A lot.  And I never remember to send you birthday presents.  Or cards for that matter.  So we're still cool, right?  :)

Next up on my great buys from this past week are these little friends that I bought last Saturday.
Total cost for the contents of the basket?  $6.50.  Which, admittedly, was more than I was hoping the lady at the garage sale would ask for them since I fished them all out of a huge box of McDonald's toys and other junk.  I kind of thought she'd say something like, "Oh, 10 cents a piece.  I don't really care."  Especially since they were already packing things up.  But when I asked her how much she wanted for them she leaned in close so the other shoppers couldn't hear and said, "Well, we were asking $1.00 or 50 cents per toy," (now she was almost whispering), "but I'll give them to you for 25 cents a piece."

Seriously lady?  25 cents?  Gosh.  I guess, sadly, she knew as well as I did how much name brand, Fisher Price Little People figures go for.  So I sucked it up and  paid the 25 cents per toy.  Which is still way, way cheaper than paying $10 for a set of three.  So, even though I still kind of feel like she ripped me off, I think it was a good purchase.  Especially since Olivia actually really likes them.

Unfortunately, one of her favorite figures seems to be this one:
The Swarthy Sister Missionary

Eew.  Why did I even buy this one?  Oh, right.  Because I wanted to be a good mom and teach Olivia about the gospel and missionaries and stuff.

Seriously, doesn't she look like a man?

With sideburns?

But, alas, she is a sister missionary.  Mega mondo huge fatty ponytail and all.  And Olivia loves her.  Or, loves to bite her head, anyway.

Here's the rest of the gang.  Doing a line dance.

Chickens, as you know, are great at line dancing, being from the country and all.

And so are these sweet little folks.  With their hands out just so as they doe-c-doe.

Sadly, hippos are not known for great line dancing.  What's a hippo to do?  Growing up in the jungle, he never learned such things.  But he does try.


Happy Saturday!


Emily said...

I'm finally getting updated on blogs!!! And I love your new clothes and YAY for the smaller size and you! :)

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Since when did Little Tykes start making little sister missionary figures? And where is her companion?!?! I recognize some of those animals from the older Noah's ark set (which we also own and it's way cooler than the current one we sell.) See that little leopard. Those were Rebecca's FAVORITE for a long time. She'd walk around wiht them constantly and even insist on taking them to bed with her. Then they got lost for a while and her love affair with them has died down, even though they have resurfaced.

Kathy Haynie said...

I had the same question - FP makes sister missionaries? Too cool. Wonderful clothes...and I am sad that my gift to you hasn't arrived yet. I hope it makes it to you, because you will love it.

Katie Lewis said...

FYI- The sister missionary figurine isn't Fisher Price brand. I don't think Fisher Price would ever make such a swarthy female. But, then, I don't think Fisher Price would ever make something so LDS either. Anyway, it's some random brand. I've seen them before at Deseret Book, complete with a companion. But this one was flying solo in the big bin of McDonald's junk. She'll have to grab one of the farmer girls to go with her to preach the gospel. Or the Cookie Monster.

emmalou said...

Yay, Katie! You are looking cute AND super thin in that new birthday outfit. Nice.

Anonymous said...

wow what a great buy Katie. I love the feeling of a good new pair of pants. Too bad it only happens like once a blue moon.

Unknown said...

So glad you found such an awesome outfit. The day I got your gift card I was at the Old Navy here toget Chris a Father's Day gift. He has been saying he needs new khakis, and he really does. He gets holes in his pants so often! So I was about to buy some pants that were on sale for $15, which was a little more than I really wanted to spend. Then I decided to check the clearnace rack. With the other pair still in my hands I found a pair there marked for $1.97. There was nothing wrong with them. Normal, not pre-worn out of anything. Same exact color, just slightly different pockets stitching, with two lines of stitching instead of one. Bonus! So Chris got pants for $2! Yeah! Your outfit looks amazing! You picked out better stuff than I would have for you, and surpassed my expectations. I thought it would maybe get a shirt of something. But a whole outfit! Yeah! Happy Birthday! Love you and miss you.