Thursday, June 3, 2010


I promise I'll get back to crafts and sewing soon, but today I have something more important to share with you.  Today I want to introduce to you two of my friends.

This is Emily.  She is a kindergarten teacher.

This is Richard.  He just graduated.  Now he's going to school to be a physical therapist.
I like to call him Rishard.  You can too if you want.  Just don't tell him I said that.

Emily and Rishard are married.

They are cute.

They are crazy.

They are fun.

Bryan (my husband) went to high school with Emily and Richard.  Then they all came out here to go to college.  At the end of our freshman year, Emily and I were both looking for roommates for the following year.  Bryan hooked us up.

Bryan and Rishard left on two year missions to preach the gospel.

Emily and I were lonely.  Together.  Roomies.  Friends.  We ate Wheatables.  We dressed up like dental hygiene.

Then Rishard finished his mission and he came home.  He proposed to Emily on her birthday.  She said yes.  They got married.  Then they wanted to have a baby.

Next Bryan finished his mission and came home.  He proposed to me not on my birthday.  I said yes.  We got married.  Almost exactly a year after Richard and Emily.  Who still wanted to have a baby.

Exactly a year later I found out I was pregnant.  Bryan and I were so happy.  So excited.  I thought about how I would tell Emily.  She still wanted to have a baby.

She was excited for us, but sad too.  She and Richard still have no baby.  That makes me sad too.  Sometimes I think to myself, "If Emily and Richard were able to have a baby when they first wanted to, they would have a two year old now."  It makes me sad to think about.  Because in the past year they've seen some special doctors.  And they now know what they didn't know when they first wanted to have a baby and that is this:

They can never have a baby.

Or at least, Emily will never be pregnant and complain about how her belly keeps her up at night and go to lunch with friends and casually swap labor stories.  She wants that more than I can say.  But she can't have it.

What she can still have is a baby.  A son or daughter to raise up.  Happy.  To be a good person.  She and Richard can read their child bedtime stories.  And check for monsters in the closet.  Emily can teach her daughter how to sew.  Richard can teach his son to whittle.  And scuba dive.  Their family can still grow.

Through adoption.

Emily and Richard are still waiting to be blessed with a baby.  A son or a daughter that they will love their whole lives and forever.

Some people have babies that they love, but can't care for.

Adoption is a miracle.  It brings those people together with people like Emily and Richard.  It blesses the lives of everyone involved.

Maybe you know someone who might like to meet my friends.  Maybe you are someone who might like to meet Emily and Richard.  They want to love a baby forever.  Maybe you know one they could love.

Look at their adoption blog.  The button for it is now up in my left hand column.  It will stay there until their dream of adoption comes true.

Or e-mail me at kathleenann08 (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll put you in touch with them.

And if you feel like there's nothing you can do to help, leave a comment here.  Let them feel your love and hope. 

Olivia is nine months old today.  I look at her and feel so blessed.  But I also look at her and think to myself, "Where is your friend, Olivia?  Where is Emily and Richard's little girl or boy?"

Somewhere.  Somewhere soon, 
I hope.


CK Morgan said...

loved this post. what a nice friend you are.

Kathy Haynie said...

Emily and Richard, you will be in my prayers. As a grandma-by-adoption, I know what a miracle it is. Hope your sweet one comes soon.

SteffiD said...

I will keep Emily and Richard in my prayers. I don't know of anyone that would fit the bill, but I know there are those that need parents out there.

alee said...

I wish I had a baby to give to them...but Nick might kill me if I did! :) I hope it happens for them soon too...

seven thirty three said...

I know how Emily and Richard feel. My husband and I decided we wanted to have a baby and tried for months and months. Everyone around us was getting pregnant, but still nothing. We contacted DCF to look into fostering a baby that was going to be TPR'd. We went to a doctor first and it turns out we COULD get pregnant and did the next month... but all those long months of trying with nothing was heartbreaking. However, we DID adopt our oldest child and we love her more than words. She grew in more heart as my others grew in my belly. Have they looked into foster care? There are so many children in DIRE need of a happy, healthy mom and dad. Best wishes to them in their search for their baby. I know there will be a happy ending for them.

Lindsay said...

I hope, hope, hope that they find their children. I have a cousin who adopted her first baby about a year ago and that's how she refers to adoption-finding her children. :) Check her Love and support to Emily and Richard!

Holly Mayer said...

This is a very nice posting. I have some very good friends who have grown their family though adoption. I hope they are able to get connected with a birth mother soon. It sounds like they will be very good parents.

Color Dynamic said...

As an adopted baby who grew up to have her own children... Please tell Emily and Richard " Thank You! "

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Well written post, Katie!

Emily and Richard, I'm sure Katie has told you our oldest two were adopted. We know what the waiting is like...and adoption is AWESOME!

Katie, if you send me their button code, I'll add it to my blog.

Lisa Lou said...

this made me cry. praying for you, emily and richard.

JuliaKoponick said...

It took us 5 years to have Josh, and I know how hard it is to wait. I am sorry Emily and Richard won't have biological children, but I am hopeful they will "find" their children soon!

Praying for you!!

Becky said...

Although I have never struggled through infertility, I have been blessed with my beautiful children through adoption. My story is a little different in that I started my first adoption process when I turned 28 because more than anything I wanted to be a mommy. Through the long wait, my life took a couple of detours (including a broken engagement because my fiance had difficulty accepting the adoption) and yet here I am with the most beautiful children. God's journey and timing is amazing to see unfold and I am so blessed to have experienced adoption two times. I never felt the urge to have my children through the biological process and since the time I attended a seminar about adoption when I was 19 years old I wanted to adopt. I have never felt the pain of infertility, but I have most definitely experienced the joy of adoption. I pray that Emily and Richard will soon have that joy. Adoption is an amazing journey. In my own story, I am amazed that God led me to China and then India where my children were waiting. To know that among millions of children, God knew that my children were half the world away is just amazing. It is an indescrible feeling and such a miraculous journey that led me to these two countries where children were waiting and that we are a perfect match for each other. I am so happy that your friends will soon experience this same amazing experience whether it be closer to home or half the world away. I am sorry that they had to go through painful experiences to get to this process, but believe me, the pain disappears when you first hold your son or daughter and see God's hand in the process. They soon will be parents and although I struggled with the wait, as I am sure at times Emily and Richard struggle, I know that God's timing is perfect. I hope that you will continue to update us on their process as I always love to see families united through adoption. Please give them my thoughts, prayers and encouragement through the wait. I can't wait to hear the exciting news that they have become a mommy and a daddy!! said...

Katie, I love you! thank you so much for doing this for Richard & Emily. Someday I will love being a grandma to their beautiful children!
Now, I have to ask Emily how to attach her adoption blog button to my facebook...spread the word :0)