Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh, life

Tonight we went to the Parade of Homes.  Saw a super awesome house.  On the way home we stopped by Target to pick up a few groceries.  We wandered.  We browsed.  We picked up a few things that we didn't really need, but, you know, they looked good.  We talked about the other things we still need to get done tonight.  We got to the register.  Which is when I realized I didn't have my wallet with me.  Goodbye cashier, goodbye groceries.  Back in the car.  Back home to get the wallet.  Still have to do the other things.  Like make dinner for myself since I wasn't hungry before we left for Parade of Homes.  Still have to get groceries.  If only it was like it was in the old says when you could say, "Just put it on my tab."  If only.

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