Friday, June 18, 2010

Parade of Homes: House #11

Before I jump into the tour of the house, I thought I'd give you all a little glimpse into how we do Parade of Homes.
I'll get in trouble later for posting this picture.  (I feel fairly certain of that since I already got in trouble for taking this picture.)  [This is Bryan. I hate this picture.]  But I think it's a good illustration of how we do Parade of Homes.  I'll only talk about it briefly since I'd like to move on to the actual house, but here's our basic routine:

-Bryan goes through the entire Parade of Homes magazine, checks out the floor plans, reads the articles about the homes, and decides which ones are going to be extra cool, and marks our map accordingly.  Super cool mega amazing ones get a circle around the house number.  Good houses, but okay to skip if they're totally out of the way get a dot next to the house number.  Lame-o houses that are going to detract from the time we could be spending at the super cool mega amazing houses get an X through the house number.  Ideally, I'd like to see them all, even the ones that get an X, but we just don't have time for that.*  Especially this year when Bryan's had to spend a lot of nights studying for the OAT instead of going and looking at cool homes.

 -Then we visit the houses we want to see based on how much time we have, where the houses are clustered together, and how long we thing Olivia is going to hold out.  (Yes, this is actually a picture of us driving to House #11.)

*(Note: I'd just like to add here that if you have a house in the Parade of Homes and we didn't make it to it, that doesn't mean that I think you have a stinky house.  Or that the contractor is mean.  Or that the house isn't infinitely cooler than our apartment.) 

Okay, now back to our regular programing...

Well, I'm so far behind that I've decided to go out of order (i.e. not document the houses in the order we visited them).  But I'm still going to post them all.  Not that any of you would have known.  Anyway, I bring you...

House #11

Here's a front view of the home.  This picture is not the most flattering due to some poor lighting, but it is a very nice looking house.

Pretty path leading up to the house.  Bryan and I liked these tidy little purple flowers.  I liked the simple, pretty landscaping.

Here's a more clear shot of part of front of the house.  I really like this kind of rain spout.  Much prettier than water gushing off the side of your house.

(Side note: I was just having a brain lapse and couldn't remember the name for "rain spout," and when I asked Bryan he told me and then said, "I really liked those little purple flowers on the path leading up to the house."  See?  I told you.)

Very pretty front door.  Just ignore the unfortunate glare coming from the setting sun.  Also, I really liked the windows on each side of the door.

Cool table in the entry way.  The legs of that table are definitely a focal point.  There's also a pretty mirror right above the table.

Looking into the main floor from the entry way, you can see the living room in the forefront and the kitchen in the background (where the lady is standing, leaning against the counter).  Those windows overlook a golf course.

Bryan and I both loved the open layout of this house.  Super great flow.  The ceilings were all high and open, but the house still very much had a cozy feel to it.  Definitely a very livable house.

Classy living room.  Don't you want to sit on these couches?  Or touch one of those red pillows?  (I really wanted to touch one.  ...I didn't.)

Another shot of the living room.  This is what you'd see looking from the couches.  Fireplaces with a big flat screen TV right above them seems to be a pretty big trend right now.  But here's my thing.  If you had both going at the same time, wouldn't it get a little distracting with the flames going on right below?  Maybe not.  I don't really know.  Anybody out there want to share?

Simple, geometric place settings at the table.  I don't think I got a picture of the whole table (Ah! Live and learn.), but it was a good sized table.  But not huge.  Perfect for a large family or for entertaining friends.

Here's the table centerpiece.  I love these decorative balls.  I remember the first time I visited Bryan's house before we were married they had a coffee table in their living room with a glass top and a little shelf underneath and they had some of these balls on the shelf so you could see them through the glass top.  I thought they were super classy and, by extension, that Bryan's mom must be super classy.  She is, by the way.

I loved the little glass block windows on either side of the cook top in the kitchen.  They let in some wonderful light, but weren't overpowering.  Also, I really like this little wicker tray.  And the plant in the window.

Here's a close up of that little window.  I really like it.  I think it's especially good in this house where the view off to the side (of the neighbor's house) wouldn't be as classy as these little windows are.

Here's a view out of one of those big windows I mentioned above.  The golf course makes for a very pretty view.  And, no, that huge house in the background isn't a home.  It's a club house.  But... yeah.

Terrible picture.  Pretty corner hutch.  In the corner back behind the dining table.

View of the back wall of the kitchen (not including the large island... except the corner here in the foreground).  Very pretty, open kitchen.  Just out of sight to the right there is the oven, and beyond that the pantry that I'll show you in a minute.

I like the little shelf and display cupboards above the stove.

I really like having a few of this style of cupboards in the kitchen.  Although I think I'd choose a different glass (just a personal preference), but this particular choice was good for the overall look of the home, I think.

LOVE this big kitchen sink (in the island, the stove is to my back taking this picture).  Love the seamless edges from the counter top down into the sink.  Love the fact that it's a double sink, but the divider is low enough that you wouldn't spill water all over yourself if you were trying to maneuver a large pan while washing the dishes.  And I love love love that you wouldn't have to clean them quite as frequently as I have to clean my porcelain sinks.  (Arrrg.)

(Finally...) Here's a good view of the island I keep telling you about.  You can see it includes the sink that I love, a dishwasher, a higher area for bar stools, lots of great cupboards and drawers, and some great counter space.  Also, in the background there you can see the fridge and the microwave.  (The man there in the green shirt is Bill, the contractor--see info below--and the woman you can see there is on the construction team.)

Here's a lame pictures of some not-lame windows.  I really love little square windows.  Especially with white molding around the edges.  Makes my little heart sing.  (These were in the dining/kitchen area.)

Here's the awesome pantry.  It has two little half doors on swinging hinges that conceal it really nicely.  We were both surprised when we opened it to find that it has so much storage space.  Totally awesome.

Also, this isn't really vital, but I love little half doors.

 I liked how this home had the stove in one place, the oven in another, and the microwave in another.  All with convenient counter space near by to set hot things that've just come out/off of the aforementioned heater-uppers.

And I loved this little cow dish.  How can you not?

Nice, tidy little laundry room.

And it has this great utility sink!  Although if it were in my house there's no way it would actually stay white throughout the years.  Fabric dying experiments?  Yes.

Here is one of my favorite mudrooms I've ever seen.  And I've seen a lot.  It has built in everything--seating, storage cubbies, and hooks to hang stuff on.

And perhaps the most genius (and realistic) part of the whole mud room (hallway) is this space underneath for shoes.  Complete with trays to catch all the drips from snow boots.  Awesome.  And, really, don't you love that seat cushion?  I am a total sucker for seat cushions.

Isn't this office pretty?  And made even prettier by that awesome red ottoman?  Yes.  (Although, truth be told, if this were my house it would be a big, bright, sunny sewing room.  But... uhh... it's not my house.  So let's get back to what it is...)  I love those windows letting in all the sunlight.  And Bryan was especially fond of the mat on the floor so the chair could still function as its "rolly chair" self.  Very pretty room.

But here's a side note about home offices in general.  It applies to this house, but it also applies to every other house we've seen so far (that has an office).  They get these big, gorgeous desks.  And they put big, gorgeous shelves behind them.  And, typically, that square right in the middle of the big shelf (where the red pot is in the above picture) is where the computer's intended to go.  But--hello!--you can't put your legs underneath where the computer would go.  Is the person going to sit sideways every time they're on the computer?  A little unrealistic in today's world, I think.  My personal solution--if you're going to be serious about keeping this room as an office for a long, long time--is to add an outlet to the floor below the desk so you can actually put the computer on the desk.  Or to use a laptop, I guess, but I think if I had an office that nice I'd splurge and go for a nice desktop computer.  Anyway, just my thoughts on offices... and the idea of where cords might end up.

Here's the view from the desk, looking back at that pretty little love seat.  I think I'd like to have an appointment in this office.

Cute decor on the desk.  I was talking to the contractor for a bit and he said that the woman who lives in the house did all of the decor herself.  All I can say is wow.  My decorating talents are nowhere near being able to cohesively decorate an entire house.  Seriously.

 This office also has some great storage in the closet.  And see that shelf up around the top that goes along all three walls?  Brilliant.

Off to the side of the office (and with a bonus access from the hall--super smart) is this lovely little bathroom.  (See me?)  I love the counter top and sink.  And I love the simple decor.

Here's the toilet/shower part of the bathroom.  Bryan and I thought that with the bathroom set up this way this office could also easily be turned into a guest bedroom.  Always nice to have options.

And I just had to show you this so you can get the full Parade of Homes experience.  A lot of homes have their toilets tied off with little ribbons to keep people from actually using them.  (giggle)  Don't you wish your toilet was always so nicely dressed?

Now we go into the master bedroom (suite).  Pretty dresser and mirror.

Uber comfy-looking chase lounge.  I think I'd want to hang out in it all day.

Beautiful bed here in the master bedroom.  It's big and stately, but looks sooo comfy.

With lots of pretty throw pillows, of course.

And the whole bedroom has this wonderful recessed lighting.  I love love love love love recessed lighting.  And, yes, I really do love it that much.  Not only does it give the room a really pretty effect, but it's so easy on the eyes!  (I get headaches from the sun/harsh lights.)  Super cool.

Now we walk down the hall (still in the master bedroom/suite) and see these lovely built-in shelves and full length mirror.  In the reflection of the mirror you can catch a glimpse of the huge, open closet space.  So this mirror is positioned right in front of the closet entrance (there's no actual door, just a doorway).  So great!

Here we are inside the closet.  Are you in love?  I am.

And is it just me or does this closet remind anyone else just a little bit of Princess Mia's closet in the 2nd Princess Diaries movie?  Just me?  Okay.  Don't you love all those wonderful little shelves and drawers and rods to hang clothes on?

And I'm totally digging the huge giraffe print ottoman in the middle, perfect for sitting on to put your shoes on.  Or for thinking about what to wear.

Continuing on down the hallway (still in the master bedroom/suite) is this pretty built-in shelf.  I love built in shelves.  Can you tell?

Here's the double sink/vanity (still in the master... okay, I think you've got the idea).  Loving the square sinks.  Loving the large mirrors.  Loving that they won't have to watch each other spit after brushing their teeth.  That door you see there leads to the little toilet room.

Here you can see me.  Oh, and the pretty display on one side of the double vanity.

Here's a close-up of those cool sinks.

You know what's really  hard to get a picture of?  Showers.  Especially when they're like this one and they have a little turny hallway entrance.  So, just trust me and know that this shower is nice.  And take note of those glass block windows.  You'll see them again in a minute.

Here's the entrance to the shower.  Maybe now you understand what I mean about the turny hallway entrance.  And here you can begin see what's on the other side of those glass block windows.

This awesome tub!  That's what's on the other side of the glass block windows.  The tub is a half step up from the floor.  Taking this picture, my back is to the double vanity.  Oh, and don't worry.  There are some handy little cellular shades in place to block the view from any nosy neighbors.

Okay, out of the master suite and off we go down into the basement.  But, trust me, it doesn't feel like a basement.

It feels so nice and open.  Here's the view from the stairs.  Taking the picture, the bedroom you're about to see is to my back.  And the bar you'll see in a minute is around the corner from that wall in front of the bar stools.

Here's the second (and only other) bedroom in the house.  Very different from most Parade of Homes houses.  Mostly because, in this particular Parade of Homes, it's pretty easy to tell that the vast majority of the homes are built specifically for or targeted to large, Latter-day Saint (a.k.a. "Mormon") families.  Umm... but these homeowners are clearly not LDS.  Anyway, there's a tid bit of LDS/Utah Valley culture/reality for you.

But, getting back to the point, don't you just want to flop down on that bed?

This bedroom's got a nice big, walk-in closet.  Love that.

And a very classy dresser.

And is equipped with its own little flat screen.

And, from this bedroom there's access to the bathroom right next door.  Super nice. 

This bathroom has a fresh, beachy theme.  Which always seems appropriate to me in bathrooms.  (Where there's water.)

I like the detailing in the tile.  Almost like little waves to go along with the ocean theme.  But not so overpowering that it would look out of place if they ever changed the decor.

And of course I loved this wide, clean bathroom counter top.  And the large mirror.  So pretty.

And made even more pretty, I think, by these fresh flowers.

There's also an entrance to this bathroom from the main downstairs area.  (The bathroom is where the man in the striped shirt is standing, the bedroom is off to the right, and the pool table is just behind me.)  I really love the idea of double access to bathrooms.  Such an effective use of space.

Just off to the left (of what you see in the picture above) is this nice little exercise room.  The mirrored sliding closet doors in the back make the room feel even bigger.  Also the huge windows.  From this room is also access to the lower level of the large outdoor patio overlooking the golf course.  (Sorry, no pictures of the patio or the balcony above it!)

Here we are back out in the main downstairs area.  Sometimes pool tables just seem to be awkwardly placed, but this one seemed like it really fit the space well.

To the left of the pool table (in the picture above) was this simple little play space under the stairs.

Here you can see the back wall with the large TV, fireplace, and lots of great built-in shelves.  And I love the mantle up above all of it.  Again, any thoughts on the TV-to-fireplace viewing ratio?

Looking out the window to the right (in the picture above) you can see this little miniature putting green.  Definitely seems appropriate for this house that overlooks a golf course.  And--really--who wouldn't love those little flags?  There's something about miniature things.

How do I feel about these pillows?  Love them.  Especially, of course, that swirly one.  You kind of can't take your eyes off it, right?

Now we're getting into the bar area.  I love this table downstairs.  So great for playing board games on.  At least that's what I'd do.

And this little cork display caught my eye.  Obviously we don't drink wine, but I love old corks.

Here's a look at the rest of the bar area.  They've basically got a full (smaller) kitchen down here.  So cool.

More of the bar area.  Not quite sure about that bike.

Another view of the kitchen part.  I love the hanging lights above the island (well, it's more of a peninsula, really, since it's attached to the wall on the one side).  And, again, I love the glass on those cupboard doors.  Especially appropriate here where it looks like they're displaying their wine glasses.

The door you can see off to the right in the picture above leads to this pretty wine cellar.  Umm... we don't drink alcohol (I can't even spell it), but I still think this is really pretty.

And here's a view of that peninsula.  I really like it.

And, lastly, here's another view of the front of the house.  And a boat.

Bryan said as we were leaving that this is his favorite house he's seen so far.  I don't know that it's my favorite, but I do like it a lot.  And it is certainly one of the more realistic, livable homes we've seen.  A very nice house.

I don't have any website links for this one, but you can reach the contractor, Bill Fairbanks of Carter Construction Company by e-mailing him at the following:

And, I just have to add as little ending side note here, that when I was chatting with Mr. Bill Fairbanks himself at the home and letting him know that I'd be putting these pictures up he said that was great and thanked me.  (As all contractors do.  I haven't met a mean one yet.  They've all been super nice.)  Then as I continued to take pictures around the kitchen he asked me if I was a professional photographer.  I laughed--uhh, a lot--and said no, that I was nowhere near being a professional photographer.  But he continued to compliment me by saying that it looked like I was getting some good shots from the angle I was taking the pictures at and everything.  Maybe he didn't notice I was just walking around with my little point and shoot camera?  Or maybe he was just trying to butter me up now that he knew I'd be giving him a little free advertising?  Well, it definitely worked.  Made my ego huge.  And my heart full.  Always a great feeling.

So what did you all think of the house?
Favorite parts?


Mego said...

I'd just like to say that I really look forward to your parade of homes posts, and I can tell they probably take a ton of time to put together. It makes me feel like I'm back there doing these tours....and how I shoulda done it when I was there. I love them. You're the baaaeeessssssst! keep it up!

Kathy Haynie said...

Truly, I noticed the great camera angles more than once. Nice work, and I also love the informative-yet-informal writing style. Yes, the house seems open and very livable. I like the clean feel to everything. But then, the owners aren't actually living in it yet--no clothes in the closets, etc. Still, you just kind of trust that this homeowner is going to maintain that feel. I really love the little glass block windows in the kitchen and between the shower and tub. I'm always a fan of those.

Dorothy said...

The pantry is awesome! As well as the little windows in the kitchen. Perfect for little plants, etc.

Speaking of windows, I have a few thoughts about having them next to front doors. There are times that you DON'T WANT that salesperson to know you are home when they start knocking. If they can see you, then you're left feeling awkward. When they CAN'T tell if you're home, then you can peep at them (through a peephole!) and then quietly walk away undisturbed.

I'm with you. The tv/fireplace positioning is not a great idea.

The little purple flowers are probably lobelia. :)

Unknown said...

These are such fun posts, Katie. Thank you for taking the time to make us feel like we were really there. My favorite feature is the sink in the kitchen. I do not understand pool tables, though. Ping pong is so much more lively. Also, I'm right with you on the silly computer issues in those desks.

Lisa Lou said...

This looks like an awesome house. I'm a sucker for a finished, fun basement and this one was very nice. I also liked your commentary on "how to do Parade of Homes." And that's a nice picture of Bryan. Don't know what he's talking about...

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

We did the countertops in this house and I really enjoyed your post about it.
I hope it's okay, I linked to your posts on this house and home #5 today on our blog.

Veronica said...

I'm curious where the families live while their home is on display...