Monday, June 7, 2010

Parade of Homes: House #5

Parade of Homes 2010 is in full swing!  Bryan and I went to Houses 5 and 6 this past Friday and houses 7, 8, and 9 on Saturday.  Not that you have to do them in any kind of order, it just ended up that way.  It's going to be rough trying to keep up with all these amazing houses, so I may end up posting multiple times in one day.  When I do I'll do my best to give you a heads up.

So here's how it's going to work:
-1 house per post
-picture dump with brief explanations of what I like/why I took the picture
-links to designers/contractors/etc. when available

*Also--I just have to put this out there--please know that I'm super self conscious about all these terrible quality pictures.  Especially after taking such a wonderful photography class from Marcie this past weekend!  I am doing my best, but that doesn't always mean great pictures.  The houses are all set up wonderfully for viewing in person, but--unfortunately for pictures--that means that the windows are all letting in lots of light (that make everything around the windows look dark) and so on and so on.  And I'm all for turning off the flash inside, but sometimes that means blurry pictures.  And since there are a ton of other people walking around these houses at the same time we are, there will often be random people in the way.  Anyway, so, sorry in advance for the sometimes overly flashy and sometimes totally washed out and sometimes blurry pictures.  You get what you pay for!  Ha!  Anyway, on with the show!

House #5

Here we go!

Front view of the house.  Oh, and this one was a remodel.  Well, awesome remodel.

Liked these pretty curtain hooks.  Of course you could never really close the curtains all the way, but in this front entry sitting room I don't see why you'd ever really want/need to.

Pretty fireplace.  Do you think a stone fireplace like this is timeless?  I think it could go either way.  I'm undecided. 

Love the loftish area up above the downstairs family room.  Looking up straight ahead you can see those chairs and on the wall (of the area on the second floor) is where the piano is.  I like that.  It's out of the way, but can still be enjoyed in other parts of the home.

Quick peek through a window to the yard with a basketball/tennis court.

Love this big, open arched doorway into the kitchen.  If I remember correctly, this wall (the doorway wall) is where the kitchen used to be.  Now they have a big, wonderful kitchen!  I also love the full size freezer.  Awesome for food storage and such.

Bry and I both loved these beautiful coffered ceilings.  So timeless and classy.

A view up to the opposite side of the loft hallway area.  I love the floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves.  Bryan and I have so many books!

Pretty ceramic decorations on the kitchen counter.

Closer-up view of the desk area behind the kitchen.  I think this is where I'd put a family computer.  And, again, love the built-in shelves.

Off to the right of the desk area is this great pantry with a door leading to the garage so you can stash groceries here instead of piling them all in the kitchen.  Great idea!

Great idea for highly visible/easily accessible food storage for dry goods that you use frequently. 

Hands down, my favorite room in the house.  And my favorite room of all five homes we've seen so far.  Beautiful, fresh, open laundry room with a full island counter, a sink (where that plant is), some wonderful storage cupboards, a fold-down ironing board (behind where I was standing to take the picture), and see that little counter off to the right with the chairs?  Perfect height for a sewing machine.  And that island in the middle would be perfect for cutting fabric.  Nice big window to let in light.  Great flow to the room.  Plenty of space (and an arm chair) for kids to hang out or to sit and fold laundry in.  And, of course, love that color.  My heart cannot adequately express how I feel about this room.  More pictures...

Aren't these pretty?  Although I'd be happy just to have any washer and dryer in our home.  Not gonna happen any time soon.  But these pretties are worth dreaming about, wouldn't you say?

Love that flexible faucet.  Love it.

(Ceiling shot) and it has a laundry shoot!  How awesome is that?  Totally beats carrying dirty laundry down the stairs.  Okay, now moving on to the rest of the house. 

Big, pretty mirror in a hallway bathroom.

More awesome built in shelves.  These ones are in the office.

A view from that piano area down into the living room.  I love the open feeling and flow that comes from having an open loft area like this to join the house together.  This loft area was situated at one end of the house (the bookcase wall) and connected to a hallway that led to bedrooms (from the piano area).

From the same place, just looking straight across at the wall of built-in shelves.

The stairs going down to the right led to the front door.  The stairs that continue going down straight led into the front room (to the right) and living room (to the left).  I like that there's more than one access to the staircase so things that pile up on the stairs (as always seems to happen) won't be the first thing someone sees when they walk in the door.

Love these pretty bed linens in this little girls room.

More wonderful bed linens.  I love all these bright pillows.

I like the pop of color that this foam cut out place mat gives to this night stand.  So simple... and probably super cheap!

Oh, to have closet space.  Lots and lots and lots of closet space.  I love all the shelves in this closet.

Pretty soap dish display in a bathroom.  Not sure how you'd realistically wash your hands with it and still have it be this pretty afterward, but I guess that's not really the point here.  Fun idea for soap shapes, though, for those of you soap makers out there.

Another big, pretty mirror.  This one's in a child's bathroom.

Cute chandelier.  Not over the top.  Just the right amount of pretty.

This house was full of these half window coverings.  Cute for showing the house off, but I think it would drive me crazy to live with them all the time.  Especially in a bedroom (like this one was).  Although there are cellular shades here too, so maybe it would be okay.  Not sure.  What do you think?

Great view from a cute little window in the same room.

Love love love all the white crown molding everywhere in this house.  White crown molding is an absolute favorite of mine.

Soaky tub in the master bathroom.  Nice shower behind where I stood to take the picture.  And see the bed back there?  This fireplace is designed to be seen from both sides.  Super cool.

Oh, to have counter tops in the bathroom!  And these ones are so pretty!  Also, you'll see this a lot as I post pictures of more houses too, but I love sinks where the edge of the counter is flush with the edge of the sink so you don't have to deal with that pesky metal lip that always gets soap and things stuck in it when you clean.

Master bedroom.  To my right is a set of glass doors that opens up onto a little private upstairs patio.  Love the open, yet cozy feel of this room.

I really like the furniture in this room.  Very classy and very nice, but not so over the top.

Sitting area in the master bedroom.  Can you see the big O's toes?

More wonderful bed linens.  These ones in the master bedroom.  I especially love quilting like you see on the blanket here.

View back the other direction looking from the bedroom into the bathroom.  So pretty.  Can you see me?

Definitely loved these deep window sills.  Perfect for a vase of fresh flowers.  Or whatever.  These ones in the master bedroom.

View from the bed looking out at the glass doors that lead to the upstairs patio.

Cellular shades in a hall bathroom.  I kind of love cellular shades.  They're so easy to use.  No strings.  No turny turny turny of the little stick until you get them just right.  Just pull down the bottom part and done.  And they still let in some nice, soft light.

Loving this shower curtain rod that curves outward.  I don't know for sure, but it seems like this would discourage the ever-obnoxious sticking of the shower curtain to your body as you're trying to lather up.  Anybody out there know?

Nice little set of shelves next to the shower.  Perfect for storing these pretty towels.  Aaaand...

...the bottom shelf isn't a shelf at all!  It's the top end of the laundry shoot!  I asked and was told that this doesn't currently have a cover.  I think since it's at floor level I'd have to insist on a cover in my own home so little kids wouldn't get creative and jump down.  But, you know, super cool.

Finally a shot of that piano area.

Love this glass in the front entry way.

Patio out back.  That covered thing in the back is what I'm sure is a really nice barbecue.  Yumm.  It would be so nice to eat outdoors here.

Backyard.  Super nice.  Beautiful, clean, simple landscaping.

Spiral staircase from the upstairs private balcony down to the patio.

Well, that's all for house #5!  The only link I have for this one is for the contractor.  Super nice guy.  Chatted with him a little when we first entered the house.  You can view his blog HERE.  Beautiful house!

My favorite part of this house: that awesome laundry room that I would use for sewing, etc. too. 

What did you think of it?


Samina said...

Very nice, seems like they thought of everything when remodeling.

CK Morgan said...

i loved the laundry room too and the fireplace seen from the bathroom and bedroom was kind of cool too.

alee said...

Thanks for all the pictures! It was like I was on the tour with you :)

Erica and Spencer said...

hehe that washer and dryer make me smile : ) We are getting a new set delivered to us tomorrow. I'm sure it will beat driving all the way down to Wash Hut once a week from Orem...

Maria said...

I gotta be honest. I looked 'cause I love houses and I'm nosy. But, I hate looking at this stuff. It makes me so depressed. A house like this would be several million (maybe a little less-like 2 million-if it was in a cruddy area). I will never in a million years live in a house as nice as this unless I win a mega-lottery, LOL.