Saturday, June 12, 2010

Parade of Homes: House #6

House #6

Let me just start out by saying that I totally respect the builders and designers that contributed to this home, but it's just not my style.  So I hope you won't be offended by my own little side comments and opinions.  They are just that--my opinions--and should not be taken to mean that I think this house doesn't deserve to be in the Parade of Homes (it definitely does) or that I wouldn't recommend the craftsmanship.  This house appeared to be a quality home, it impressed me and inspired me in many ways, but it just wasn't my style for an entire home.  That being said, let's go enjoy the house!  ...starting with the entrance to the driveway...

See the stone wall off to the right there?  We're about to go behind it.

This is what's behind that stone wall off to the right in the previous picture.  Private little patio, looks like they're still in the process of putting in a fountain in the middle (looks like a pile of rocks behind the table right now).  A fun little hideout.  Although it seemed a little far away from the rest of the house.  And given the amazing back yard I'm not entirely sure what the point of this front patio was.  Just saying.

View from inside the front patio looking back at the house.

Front view.

Stone patio directly in front of the house.  In my opinion, very cool, but I'd prefer it as a side path.  There are a lot of problems I can think of that this would cause at the main entrance of the house (poor wheelchair access, uneven walkway for elderly, etc.), so not really my cup of tea.  But impressive, no?

Love the doormat at the front entrance.

Front living roomish area.  I love that table.  So cool.  And I love the openness in this house.

Light fixture over the dining room table.  Are you beginning to understand what I mean about this house being cool, but totally a style of its own?  You can also see the fridge, oven, microwave (waaaay to high up for me), fridge, and kitchen cupboards in the background. 

Beautiful, huge windows overlooking the pool in the backyard.  That big wooden ring is a sculpture.  These windows follow the staircase downstairs which I think is totally awesome.  Talk about making a staircase feel way less stuffy.  And such a beautiful view out back.

Right around the corner from the little sitting room is open access to this slide that leads to a fun play area downstairs.  We'll get back to that when we meet up with it down there.

*Note: I am now onto my second day of writing this post.  These posts take forever to write!  So much good stuff to write about!  But perhaps I'll have to scale back on my captions.  So anyway, I hope you all appreciate the time this is taking me.  I'm sure my 5 or 10 years from now self is saying "Thanks!"  But my right now self is wondering what I got myself into saying I'd review all the homes we saw.  Sheesh!  Anyway, on with the rest of wonderful House #6...

 This is what the hole for that slide looks like on the other side of the wall (upstairs).

Now on into the master bedroom.  Here's the "fireplace."  And it definitely kept that room warm.  A major plus for Utah winters.

I really like this bed.  I'm not really sure why.  Although I think it would drive me crazy to have to tuck the sheets in like that all the time.  I like the look though.

Lots of cool raised sinks in this house.  I'm pretty sure this one was in the master bathroom.  And--if I remember correctly--there were two.

Very industrial style toilets throughout the house.  This one's in the master bathroom, I think.  One plus to this style of the john is that you wouldn't have all that muck that always gets stuck behind toilets!  And, in my book, that is a major plus.

Awesome large mirror in the master bedroom.  And me.  Sucking in my tummy.  Ha.

Love this glass.  Love it.  This is in the side panels of the balcony doors in the master bedroom.

View of the pool from the master bedroom balcony.  Very pretty pool.

View of the outdoor kitchen area (which I love) from the master bedroom balcony.  In case you can't see, they've got (along the back (left) side) a huge grill (and maybe an oven?  I don't remember now.  Sorry.)  And then on the front (right) side there's a big counter sort of space.  How great would that be for pool parties and potlucks so you can just set all the food right there?  Totally awesome.

Another view of the pool/sculpture from the master bedroom balcony.

Spiral stairs leading down from the master bedroom balcony.

Outdoor lighting on the master bedroom balcony.  (How many times do you think I can say "master bedroom balcony"?)

Little built in desk in the master bedroom (balcony?  Haha.  No.).

You know how I feel about built in shelves.  Love them.

Another awesome sink.  This one in a children's bathroom.

...hence the painted fish mural on the walls.

Here's my personal opinion on wall murals: bad idea.  They won't last!  Sure, the paint will last, but the child will not.  They'll grow up.  And then they probably won't want fish everywhere anymore.  And, heck, even if the kid likes fish right now they might not in a year.  Or a week.  I'm all for decorating and everything, but, in my opinion, murals are high cost, take a lot of time, are very likely to turn out looking amateur/tacky, and you'll likely paint over them in a few years.  So I say, hang a picture on the wall.  Or if you must, put up one of those tacky wallpaper boarders.  But don't do murals.  It's like the whole shabby-chic frayed edges thing: you'll soon regret it.

But please don't take this as a big diss on this particular house.  This home is certainly not the first or only house in the Parade of Homes that has huge painted murals and I'm sure it won't be the last.  We've already seen them in other homes.  It's a trend right now.  I'm just not a fan of the trend.  But I still think everyone did an awesome job on this house.  Are we clear on that?

Artistic light fixture in a child's room.

Little girl's room.  Love the bedding.  Love that little bean bag.

Absolutely love this timeless little teapot.

This little wooden ladder leads up to a landing (what you see here in the picture) inside a closet.  This is in a nursery.  I personally feel that this would be appropriate if it led to a bigger play area (it doesn't) or if there was some sort of guard rail around the top of the landing (there isn't), but as it sits it feels like a waste of closet space to me.

Here's the big kitchen counter/island with some "before" pictures of this home.  (This was a remodel.  Did I say that already?  I've got to write posts all in one day.  Seriously.)

 Close ups of the "before" pictures of this house.

Totally love this knife stand.  Probably wouldn't be super appropriate with children around.  But definitely hilarious.  You know, in a morbid sort of way.

Love the clean look to this kitchen wall.

Super awesome cook top stove.  I forget the name (Bryan will read this and tell me), but it's the kind of stove top where it's not hot to the touch even when it's on.  You just use a certain kind of pan/pot on it and only the actual pan/pot heats up.  Super super awesome for little kiddos running around.  Also love the huge sink right next to it.  And the huge counter space.  Seriously.

Awesome built-in fish tank.  I love that they used this as a room divider.

Beautiful outdoor fireplace on the patio/balcony overlooking the pool.

Another shot of the pool from where I was standing next to the fireplace in the above picture.  Can you tell how much I wanted to go swimming in it?  Haha.  Also, in the background (in the left corner) you can see the little sand pit/art garden and (in the right corner) the basketball court.

A shot of the balcony/patio looking back at the house.  This house has a serious amount of texture.

Adorable little mudroom.  I like the little message board collage there.

And you really can't help but love these galoshes. 

I really like the continuous counter top here in the laundry room.  Very nicely-used space here.

Close-up of the sink.  You know how I feel about seamless sinks.  Love them.

Another fun raised sink.  This one's in a guest bathroom right off the mudroom for easy access to guests using the pool, etc.

Another angle of the kitchen counter/island.

Close-up of the magical stove top.

I really wanted to go swimming.  And I really love this view.

Here's the bottom of that slide!  It comes down into this cave style play room.

The ground all around the slide is this rubbery turf.  Great for kids.

This pictures is kind of disorienting, but it's a view of the tunnelish space in this downstairs cave play area.

This is to the left of the slide.  Fun little art/table area for kids.  A drinking fountain is still being installed in the background there.

This comfy little kids area (admittedly, a bit more my style) is off to the right of the slide.

Looking back at the art area you can see this (magnetic, I think?) picture wall.  Great for hanging kids' artwork and such.

Crayons on the art table.

 Love this candy displayed in the glass jars.

Standing in the kids art area and looking forward you can see this fun little candy counter perfect for prepping desserts and treats.  Through the windows above it you can peek into...

...the home theater!  Sorry to the people in this picture that I totally used the flash on so I could show you all these comfy chairs and couches.  The big screen is just behind where I'm standing to take this photo.

Another cool raised sink.  But mostly I took this picture to show the awesome counter top here in this downstairs bathroom.  What you see below is all metal shavings and things of that nature.  Very industrial.  Very cool effect.  It's all enclosed in glass, of course.

Also downstairs they have a small art gallery.

This is the door to the art gallery.  Pretty cool, no?

And here's my favorite piece of art that was down in the gallery.  Love those colors.

Well, I hope you enjoyed House #6!  We certainly did.

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Kathy Haynie said...

Wow - that's an amazing remodeling job. I never would have guessed that it wasn't new construction. Sorry to be so petty, but my favorite pics were the Sammy Jaybird doormat and the totally awesome knife rack. Haha! Thanks for a great mega-post!

Bluestripe55 said...

Thanks for the pictures. It seemed like this house and its furnishings were a little more on the contemporary side and to me usually the contemporary houses are a little more scaled back. The whole less is more thing. Anyway, this house seems a little over the top. I know everyone has their own taste but i would have to agree that my favorite pictures are of the door mat and the knife rack.

Dorothy said...

I HATE the knife rack! It would give me nightmares, I'm sure.

Otherwise, the whole house... ummmm, a definite lack of warmth, kind of looks like a fancied-up prison or something. Too hard edged. Absolutely not what I'd want to live in full time. (My apologies to the designers...)

Ryan @NoMoreBacon said...

I actually saw this house last Saturday and there were a few things in your post that weren't exactly right.

The little ladder in the nursery actually does go up to a playroom (reference the exterior photo and the kind of "lookout" tower). From what I understand the Parade thought it would be unsafe to have people going up there.

The magnet board in the playroom is actually a dry erase board too (just a little detail I thought was kind of awesome).

One thing that was kind of overlooked too was the amount of reclaimed materials they used in the house. Basically all the stone came from a rubble pile and all the brick came from junkyards. Doors were made from barn roofs, etc, etc.) From what I was told it is a very "green" house. I noticed some solar panels on the roof when I was walking in.

Great post and very comprehensive look at that house. It's actually the only one I've seen so far :)

Katie Lewis said...


Thank you so much for adding those notes! I definitely did not know that about the little ladder in the nursery. That's way cool. Also, I wasn't aware of all the recycled materials they used. Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to share that with us!

-Katie :)

brainwrite said...

Wow, I should have hired you to make the website. You've taken more pictures than me! Thanks for the blog post. You should come see on the last day to see all the changes (we're working morning and night).

Dallin Bruun
Owner, Architectural Galleries