Friday, June 4, 2010

Parade of Homes

It starts today.  The anticipation has officially set in.  Putting on weird shoe covers before you walk into the house.  Seeing all the pretty design and architectural work.  Chatting with the show people.  Getting free pens while you stand in someone else's garage.  Yep.  It's that time of year again.  It's...

The Utah Valley Parade of Homes!

Bryan and I have gone for the past two years and we are looking forward to our third year just as much the previous two.

Don't know what the Parade of Homes is?  Basically, you buy your ticket and then you get to go and tour fully furnished homes, most of which are newly built using the latest trends in technology and building.  It gives the builders and other contributors to the projects (such a fireplace companies, home theater installation companies, etc.) a chance to show of their work and it's a great opportunity to get inspiration on sprucing up your own home.

I think a lot of the people that go are in the process of building, designing, or remodeling their own homes and they go to get ideas and round up people to put their ideas in place (much like going to a bridal fair to round up vendors), but Bryan and I just go for the fun of it.  There's just something exciting and fun about walking around a nice, big, beautiful house and being able to dream... and touch everything!

I took a "Housing the Family" class when I was in college where I learned a lot of little tips like giving furniture a good shake before you buy it to see if it wobbles, checking for the little details (like the corners of molding) in a home, and good features to look for in a washing machine.  Those skills sit on the back burner most of the time since we're not making any big home purchases while Bryan's still in school, but it's fun to pull them out once a year and put them into practice when we visit these homes.

My other favorite part about Parade of Homes (other than being able to touch everything... usually) is getting to see all of the designer/decorator's work.  It's a fun way to stay up on trends and incorporate them into our home in small ways. 

But I guess probably the absolute most fun thing about Parade of Homes is walking around with Bryan and saying things like, "Oooh!  I like that!  I want to have that in our home someday."  It's fun to talk about someday.  And for us, Parade of Homes is all about talking about someday.

And because of that, this time around I'm planning to take pictures of the different things I like about each home and share them with you all here.  I'm so excited!  I'm always saying how much I love certain things, but I've totally forgotten about them now.  So hopefully sharing those things I love with all of you will give you some great ideas and it'll give me a chance to catalog the great ideas I see for future use when we do actually have our own home (house) someday. 

If you're interested in attending, here's the info on this year's Utah Valley Parade of Homes:
-Tickets are $10 per person
-June 4th (today!) -19th
-Open daily 12pm-9pm, closed Sundays and Mondays

Utah also has a Parade of Homes in multiple other counties.  Check HERE for the info on those. 

$10 per ticket may seem a little steep, but when you think of it as at least 10 dates or so, it's a pretty good deal!

It really is such a fun event.  Bryan and I talk about it and look forward to it all year long.  Maybe we're just weird, but it's true. 

Perhaps I'll see some of you there!

*All images were taken from the Utah Valley Parade of Homes website.  To view all of the homes and their floor plans and other info click HERE.


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Have fun! I bet it's extra fun with Bryan since he was in construction management for so long.

For me I think it would be overwhelming...becauses the houses would be bigger and fancier than what I plan on living in...certainly until the children are up and grown. I would think it would be awesome to tour nicely decorated average houses that people actually live in and see how they deal with things like kids' play space, limited storage, etc while keeping their home beatiful.

Katie Lewis said...

Actually, some of the homes are that way. Usually the ones that have been remodeled. And they usually have some pretty clever solutions to things like limited storage and play space.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Oh, then maybe I would like it more than I think. I'll have to look into whether they have one around here.

Kathy Haynie said...

When we were remodeling the house we went to the "Street of New Beginnings" - kind of like Street of Dreams, but less big-fancy-ridiculously-expensive. A little bit less.

But I'm glad we went - it was there that we got the idea of putting a laundry area on the 2nd floor, which we really like.

Lisa Lou said...

I love touring model homes, this seems even better because there are so many to go to!

Erin said...

We went on Saturday! Oh, I love the Parade of Homes. The one on Carterville Road about killed me. And the HUGE on in Highland was amazing too. Worth the ten bucks for just those two. I'm excited to hear what you thought!