Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sewing space vs. Set up time

Olivia is asleep and seems to be taking a good, solid nap. 
Perfect opportunity to get something done.
Sew something I've been wanting to work on.
Clean something up that I've been putting off.
Wash the dishes.  (Yeah right.)

So I weigh these different options out in my mind.
And, inevitably, sewing something sounds more fun than all the other things.
But do I have enough time?

Do I have enough time to pull out all of my supplies?
Clear off space to set up the sewing machine?
Pull out my fabric and look through it?
Actually get started on the project before Olivia wakes up?

Probably not. 

She usually wakes up right as I'm finally getting started on actually making something.
Which makes all the set up feel like a waste because now I can't focus on the project.
And the apartment is a total mess.
And I don't want to clean it up because I still want to make what I set out to make.

So I've been thinking about making space (with a magic wand, probably) for the sewing machine to have a permanent home.
Other than tucked away on the shelf in the back storage closet.
A place where I can plunk down and sew without all the set-up time.

Unfortunately, the room with the most available space right now is in Olivia's room.
Which won't exactly work for sewing while she sleeps.
I've thought about moving our big dresser into her room and claiming the space where the dresser is for my own.
Would that be ridiculous?

The downside to that plan is that then the sewing machine is back in our room.
And the air conditioner is in the front and the cool air doesn't really reach back there.
But, alternatively, I don't really want all my sewing stuff out in the living room as a constant eye sore.

Although if I did move the dresser into Olivia's room then we could use it as a makeshift changing table (it's a long, low dresser) for when we need to move the mattress in her crib down lower (which will be sooner than later). 
And we don't usually get dressed while she's sleeping.

We got the little desk in the picture at the top of this post for $20 from IKEA back on Memorial Day.
It works great as a computer desk for our little laptop.
I've kicked the laptop off once or twice and replaced it with the sewing machine.
Which works great.
Maybe I'll get another one for the sewing machine to live on back in our bedroom?

I'll have to keep thinking about it.

Any suggestions?


Unknown said...

ugh, I'm right there with you. We recently moved into our first house, and the extra room is still filled with boxes. (That will be my sewing room) I should be sewing but I can't seem to tackle that room! E's naps are never long enough.

Lisa Lou said...

Too bad your balcony isn't enclosed. There a whole 'nother room out there! Um, I have no suggestions. Right now (while my roommates are gone) my laptop is on the kitchen table and my sewing machine in on my desk. sooooo... good luck with that.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

The long low dresser sounds like it could be a good possibility as a sewing space, especially if you have a computer chair that can raise up or you have a stool or something.

Kathy Haynie said...

I'd go with the dresser in the baby's room. It's taking up a lot of space that you could use for another purpose.

Dorothy said...

I had the sewing machine in my bedroom many times through the years. It stays set up, ready to work when you are, and you don't see the mess from the other living spaces in the house. The bed also makes a great place to lay things out as you work.

Olivia will be moving about soon, so having a door to shut to protect your projects will be a plus. :)

PS...on hot days pull the curtains shut and sew in your underwear!

The Jessee Journal said...

I think you are lucky to have a friend who reccomends sewing in your underwear :) I love it :)