Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Adventure Cuff: off to a new home

Well, the Summer Adventure Cuff (pictured above) has gone off to live with the lovely Nancy Jones (my wonderful designer for the ol' blog-o that I simply cannot live without).  About two minutes after she put it on I heard her say something like, "Doesn't it look great on me?"  Yes, Nancy.  It does.  :)

I mention this because Nancy has been so kind as to make me a little button for my shop.  It looks like this:
...but smaller.  Can you find it on my blog?

So anyway, any chance you once had for having the Summer Adventure Cuff for your very own are long gone.  That ship has sailed.  But there is still one more little leather cuff left in the shop.

This one is by far my favorite.  I think about stealing it from the shop and keeping it for myself about twelve times a day.  So your chances for this one may be limited as well.  Just so you know.


Kathy Haynie said...

Cute shop!

Nancy said...

I totally wore it all day yesterday and today. Thanks and best wishes for that new shop!