Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Want to paint your wall?

I do.  But it's not gonna happen.  We live in an apartment where that's not allowed.  Why they wouldn't want me to paint a nice, lovely color over my white cinder block walls I'm not sure.  Anyway, my sister in law Anna sent me this awesome link today that (somewhat) fills the craving.  Or I guess if you were a real person you could use this to help plan color schemes for a room you're going to actually paint.  Whatevs.

Happy painting!  Try not to breathe in the fumes.

P.S. Want some FREE PAINT?  When you click on that link above a little ad thing will pop up automatically asking if you want to get some free paint testers.  I just did it and it seems legit.  (I never had to put in credit card info or anything.  Just a mailing address.)  Anyway, I obviously won't be using the paint for my walls, but a couple of tester bottles of paint could be great for small projects!  Just thought I'd let you know.  Enjoy!


Samina said...

They don't allow it in our apartment either, thee walls are so white they hurt your eyes when the lights are on-smh...thanks for the free paint link.

Color Dynamic said...

You could always do a fabric wall! Just tack fabric from ceiling to floor!