Friday, July 30, 2010


Our printer cord came!

la la la la la


Thursday, July 29, 2010


My apartment is a mess.  Most especially in the living room area.  Well, let's be honest, the only parts of the apartment that are "clean" are... well, I guess just Olivia's room.  The bathroom is acceptable, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's clean. 

Anyway, back to the mess in the living room.  It is big.  (The mess, not the living room.)  And here's why.  The apartment was already in somewhat of a need-to-be-picked-up sort of state already.  Then I went on a purging rampage and decided to pull out all the stuff that we won't need in the next 9 months that would make me really frustrated with myself if we actually paid to move it.

Yes, you read that right, there is light at the end of the tunnel!  Someday we will move!  And that projected someday is in approximately nine months.  (And, no, that amount of time has nothing to do with a baby.  I'm not pregnant.)  It has to do with Bryan graduating in 9 months!  Hooray hooray!  Perhaps I'm a little prematurely excited, but I don't care.

Once again, let's get back to the mess in the living room.  See, the place where we live has yard sales once a month during the summer, always on the first Saturday of the month.  You know what next week Saturday is?  The first Saturday of August... a.k.a. the last yard sale of the summer... a.k.a. probably the last yard sale before we MOVE.  (Glorious!)  So I'm trying to get rid of as much extra junk now as I possibly can.  Hopefully we'll make millions selling all our junk, but in case we don't, we have a bit of a neighborhood freesale coming up next month too, so we can get rid of the rest of our junk priceless treasures there.  Excellent.  See what an awesome planner I am?

Here's what I didn't plan: what to do with a living room full of junk until NEXT Saturday.  Especially since it means I basically can't let Olivia down on the living room floor right now.  Because she has becoming a scooting-all-over-the-place-and-getting-into-everything maniac.  And our bedroom floor is off limits because it's super messy too (uh, and has an iron/ironing board set up at all times and a floor-length mirror that's sitting on the floor and not attached to anything).  So that basically leaves her bedroom... which we never hang out it... which is why it's clean... and putting her in her exersaucer (a.k.a. "baby jail") which she is getting pretty sick of. 

So, here's a quiz for you:

Getting rid of extra stuff can be...
a. liberating
b. frustrating
c. a little nerve-racking 
d. embarrassing (Such as when you realize you have three junky game sets that you never use and you know you just bought one of them a couple of months ago at a yard sale.  Why???)
e. all of the above

Also, I know that this may not be a big deal to any of you, but I have finally made the big decision.  I am getting rid of our extra mugs.  The ones that match the dishes we got for our wedding.  The ones that, ironically, I'm the least emotionally attached to.  Well, I'm getting rid of 4 of them.  Which leaves us still with 8 other mugs.  That we will probably never use.   And I'm getting rid of the ones that came with our set of Corelle wear dishes.  Hopefully people will want to buy match sets at the yard sale.  Otherwise I might save them to use as Christmas gifts for neighbors (you know, with cookies and hot chocolate packets and stuff).  We'll see.  

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hard to believe

but this is my 403rd post.  Just on this blog.  BAM.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am...

 Weird picture I took this morning while practicing with the timer on my camera.

...super excited that I've lost 35 pounds so far and only have 10 more to lose before I finally reach my goal.
...done with another Christmas present.
...constantly thinking about Christmas presents. pleased with the purchase of our brand new $30 Epson printer from Target.
...waiting for the USB cord to come in the mail (about $4 with shipping from Amazon) so I can actually use our new printer.
...thinking about all the great things I'm going to print off.
...trying to decide whether to share something with you all for free or keep it for myself.
...thinking about jumping into the next Christmas present project that's all ready to go.
...trying to decide what to give for upcoming birthday presents.
...just remembering that someone else is having a birthday soon too.
...realizing that those birthday presents will probably be late since I'm just now thinking about them.
...wondering why it is I think about Christmas presents all year long but can't for the life of me get a birthday present in the mail on time.
...glad that Olivia's taking a nap.
...thinking about Bryan's admissions essay and how good it is.
...thinking about our friends that moved away today and how I'll miss them.
...thinking about how so many of our friends have already moved away and how I miss them.
...thinking about eating ice cream to balance out my sweaty grossness from this heat.
...thinking about how gross that is of me to say.
...going to work on some more secret things.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Bry!

Bryan is my husband.

We met when we were 18.

As freshman in college.

We fell in love and stuff.

He served a mission and was gone for two years.

He came home and we got married.

And had a baby.

Bryan is not 18 anymore.

Today he is 24.

So, Bryan, to you

the man who hates




HATES to have his picture taken

I'm going to celebrate today

By posting some more!

I love you Bryan!
You're the best husband and best friend I could have ever dreamed or hoped for.

Happy 24th Birthday, Bry!

If you want to get to know him a little better yourself, you can check out his blog The Daily Post.  Usually he writes about random, interesting things.  He is always telling me something new.  He is always, always learning.  He is driven in a way that I have never known someone to be.  I attribute that to his wonderful parents and to his wonderful self.  

And, to my wonderful, fun, amazing, kind, funny mother-in-law: thank you thank you thank you for enduring hours of hard labor with this baby boy of yours.  He makes all my dreams come true.  

I love you Bry!  Happy Birthday!