Sunday, August 29, 2010

My New Life

I love this message. I love that it is real, that it is personal. I saw Stephanie Nielson (the woman in this video) when we were out getting ice cream the other day. And as I watched this video again just now it occurred to me again that she's a real person, just like me, and remembering how close and how real we all are made me want to try to be more like her, to share more of who I am. I hope you all know how real you are to me. I think of you as I take pictures for the tutorials I write. I wonder where you live. I laugh at all the funny comments you leave for me. I find joy in connecting with you, whether you live ten feet away or across the world. Some of you I may never meet. Some of you I may never even know that you read the things I share. But I know you are there. So does Heavenly Father. May that peace carry you though the trials of a new school year and all the new or continuing bumps in the road that surely lie ahead.


P.S. You can read Stephanie Nielson's blog HERE.
And you can learn more about what we believe HERE.


The Jessee Journal said...

Katie, Thanks for sharing that. I love the end quote from Elder Holland as well. I adore the Mormon Messages. They are so beautifully done and always touch my heart.

Kathy Haynie said...

Thanks, Katie. Stephanie's story and her thoughts have been inspiring to me today. A good fit with the Sunday school lesson on Job.