Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still here. Still cleaning.

Sorry I've been a little MIA lately.  Well, I don't feel bad being MIA since we've been busy having fun with family, but I do feel a little bad leaving you all hanging on somewhat of a serious and sad note.  So I don't really have anything exciting to share at the moment, but I thought I'd just stop in to say hi.  And to tell you about my clean/messy apartment.

So four or five days ago Bryan had the day off work and we were getting ready to see his family again, but first we spent the whole morning (and a good part of the afternoon) cleaning up the entire apartment.  As in, cleaning the apartment.  Stuff put away.  Even my sewing stuff got put away where it belongs.  Which is a little bit phenomenal.  It's been Santa's workshop around here lately, but of course with family coming to visit it all had to get put away.  Which is good.  It needed a good cleaning.  We also washed the dishes that had been piling up and Bryan even vacuumed the carpeted floors and swept and mopped the non-carpeted floors.  Ahhhh.  It felt sooo good.  And then we left for a bit of family fun and it all stayed clean!  It was amazing.

Unfortunately, it is not so clean now.  In fact, it has been not so clean since the moment we walked in with all of our stuff that needed to be unpacked.  So we vowed to take care of it right away, but that didn't happen.  (At least we didn't oath.)  I did hurry and put away Olivia's clothes that night since they needed to get put away in her room and she was about to go to bed.  But I failed to remember that our dresser is now in her room too, so none of our clothes have gotten put away yet.  Because guess when the best time to clean is?  When she is sleeping.  And where do you think practically everything needs to get put away?  Ah yes.  In her room. 

So, the apartment is still messy.  Which is lame, but it hasn't been that big of a deal.  Because my wonderful in-laws that we have been partying with have been staying about an hour away with some extended family for the past few days.  Not looking at our messy apartment.  And trying to find a place to sit.  But today they are coming back into town, so it is time, I think, to get my little rear in gear.

Not that I feel like I have to clean for my in-laws.  At some point not so long after Bryan and I got married they came to visit.  We had of course cleaned up before they came and while they were touring our apartment one of Bryan's siblings remarked on how clean it was.  Bryan's mom very graciously said something like, "Katie always keeps a clean house."  But the way she said it made it sound like, "Well of course it's clean!  Katie does a wonderful job keeping her house beautiful!"  Or at least that was the way I heard it.  So I haven't felt compelled to prove myself as a capable housewife since then.  Although I do feel compelled to live up to her compliment.  But even if I didn't feel compelled by that, I do feel compelled to clean just so people can have a place to sit down when they come in.

So I think I'd better get cracking.

Also, this is totally unrelated, but here are some things I've been meaning to share with you: my new sewing space, the invitations I designed for the big O's 1st birthday, and the tutorial for Best Bow Ties.  I'm telling you all this because I have been really lazy about posting, so I figure maybe if I tell you I've been meaning to share these things then maybe it will actually happen.

Love to all,


alee said...

Isn't the feeling of having a clean home so wonderful? It is definitely worth the work to clean it...so get going! :)

Kathy Haynie said...

Haha - just stick Little Miss O in front of the in-laws, and they won't even notice anything else. :)