Monday, September 20, 2010

I will just say this

If ever you are find yourself on an airplane next to a screaming baby and you think to tell the mother struggling with the screaming child that "having a bottle or pacifier to suck on helps their little ears"...


Believe me.  They have already heard this advice at least ten thousand times before they even set foot on that plane.  Suggesting this is not helpful.  It serves as nothing more than a petty insult to the mother's knowledge of her own child and proclaims your dislike of being stuck next to a kid on your flight.  How very classy and helpful of you to add irritation and stress to an already irritated and stressed-out mom.

Perhaps instead you might try something like, "Your baby is so sweet!  Poor little thing.  You sure do a great job traveling with him/her."

But before saying the above nice comment, take note of whether the baby is wearing pink.  Any pink at all.  If so, you can pretty safely assume it's a girl.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.


Janna said...

Lol. That's definitely happened to me, sometimes people can be a little bit insensitive/clueless. Now I'm very careful to always say positive and supportive comments to those awesome moms!

CK Morgan said...

oh no. Hopefullly the return trip goes better. We've had a couple of those flights...thank goodness when I traveled with two by myself last time people were actually really helpful and nice.

Marae said...

oh my goodness i am SO not looking forward to our overseas flight next week. i wish nora would take a pacifier sometimes...i'm just accepting that screaming will probably happen. i hope your next flights are better!

ps, when are you going to unveil your destinations of travel?

Finnskimo said...

I live in a place where you must travel with a plane to get in or out of here. There is no other way.

That being said, I always, and I mean ALWAYS have extra lollipops in my purse/carry on.

I don't even say anything, I just throw the momma some lollipops and usually, they give me a thankful smile and life is great.

But, when I do hear other passengers saying rash comments toward, but not to, the poor parent of screaming children, I always say something to the effect of, "Hmm, I remember when my kids were that age, I was SO THANKFUL when people understood what I was going through. I wonder, are your kids perfect? No, they're not. So, lets just put our earphones in and shut up, OK?!"

That usually gets some smiles. Anyway, I have four kids. My children have racked up over 50,000 air miles in their lifetimes. My 13 year old son has been on four jets since school started for school trips. Traveling over 600 air miles away. We are veteran fliers!

Always carry lollipops! haha.

Finnskimo said...

P.S. that would be 50,000 air miles EACH. :)

Kathy Haynie said...

Poor dolly. Poor mommy. Welcome home.

Emily said...

Oh no!! Sounds like travel didn't go so well! I'm sorry!

I hope the trip itself was fun and the that the interviews went well!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Bless your hearts! Both of you!! There are so many much kinder things we could do than to offer needless advice, I pray we can all think of something helpful and supportive when the time comes! Thanks for the great reminder!!

Sylvia Louise said...

I always think it's ridiculous when people shoot dirty looks and get mad at someone for having a crying baby on a plane. I mean, because CLEARLY the mother/father WANTS their baby to cry and CLEARLY they aren't trying to do anything about it. Ridiculous.