Friday, September 3, 2010


I can hardly believe it.  My baby girl turns one today.  Last night Bryan and I sat and looked through all the pictures we've taken of her throughout the year.  This teeny tiny little thing in the picture above doesn't even look like Olivia now.  She's changed and grown so much.

Here are a few things she currently loves...
..."Moo, Baa, La! La! La!" by Sandra Boynton
...holding our hands so she can walk
...holding our hands so she can run
...scooting everywhere on her bum
...laughing.  She hiccups when she laughs too much.  Just like Mommy.
...being outside
...playing peek-a-boo around corners
...oatsies with blueberries... but mostly just the blueberries
...socks and shoes
...saying "uh oh" when she drops something... and sometimes just because it's fun to say
...sucking her thumb


You are one tiny little girl!  But I love you even more than the day you were born.  You are beautiful and smart and funny and sweet.  Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!


P.S. I have a feeling time is about to pick up speed.  Please try not to grow up too fast.


Bree said...

Happy birthday, Olivia!

Kathy Haynie said...

Oh, give her lots of hugs from Grandma Kathy. I'm working on her handmade birthday present right now!

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday to Olivia! Time to break out the parachute?

Patricia said...

Yea for Olivia!!
We loved having some time with her last week. What a sweetie pie!
Thanks for being good parents to her!

Emily said...

Happy birthday baby O! I miss you! I wish we could drive home from the airport and get lost! Or have a sewing party! Or a game party! Or dress you up like a pumpkin again!

I miss you!

CK Morgan said...

What a darling picture of your little girl! Happy Birhtday to her!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Happy one year old ness. You're doing great, Katie, she looks so happy and that picture is so real!