Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Yellow Dress for Olivia

Have you been watching the child's clothing runway that's been going on around blogland?  Thanks to elsie marley's Kids Clothes Week Challenge, a ton of bloggers have been posting beautiful pictures of all the inspiring children's clothes they've created this past week.  Last time I was aware of the challenge late in the game and was a little intimidated by it all.  This time around I was aware of the challenge before it actually started (which always helps), but I was still pretty intimidated by it all.  I accordingly gave myself a little pep talk and told myself that of course I was cool enough to participate

...and then did nothing.

Honestly, it had very little to do with feeling intimidated and everything to do with being totally wiped out from our trip to Memphis, getting in a cloth diaper crazy, and getting a bit of a cold (I still have it-- boo hoo).  So I don't have much to show for this round of KCWC (that's what the cool kids call it), but I do have this little dress to share with you all.

This was dress was an... experiment? shall we say?  I drafted a pattern myself using one of her store bought dresses as a guide.  And then I got lazy about doing sleeves.  And then I just winged it on a few other things.  And I basically ended up making it up as I went.  I had a really weird art teacher once who used to always tell us to "explore the medium."  That pretty much sums up what was going on with this dress.

It started out as a birthday dress for Olivia (for her to wear at her birthday party), but I got sick of it partway through and needed a break from it.  So it sat unfinished on my sewing table for a good couple of weeks.  Then this past week (I don't remember which day now), I finally did the last two things on it that needed to be done.  I hemmed the bottom and sewed on some snaps to the awkwardly large neck.

It's shirred across the bodice.  I tried marking lines, but then gave up.  So if the lines look at all orderly it has everything to do with chance (and my awesome sewing skills) and nothing at all to do with good planning on my part.

Okay, here's what's up with that weirdo neck.  Olivia has a pretty big head, so there had to be enough room for her head to get in and out, but it needed to be smaller once the dress was actually on.  I know, I know, not the first time someone made a dress with closures.

There are two sets of snaps in the back of the neckline.

One here...

...and another one behind that.  It was hard to photograph.  You can just trust me that there is a weird snap system going on in the back.

Oh, and, FYI, it's made out of an old fitted sheet.  And some bias tape that is doing a move it was not made to do.  Which is why, if you look closely, you will see that there are a bunch of holes where the bias tape isn't really covering the raw edges of the fabric.  Lovely.  Maybe someday I'll bother to fix it.

Also, I am officially having a fight with the new picture uploader in Blogger.  Which is why this picture of the flower is right here.  Whatevs.

Here's a close-up of one of the "sleeves."  It wouldn't really be a sleeve except that her shoulders are so skinny.  

And here's another shot of that weirdo neckline.  Not really much to say about that.

Anyway, that's all.  Doesn't it make you feel like I did a lot more if I talk about it for a long time?  :)

 Happy Saturday!


JuliaKoponick said...

We want to see a picture of it on Olivia!!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

This reminds me of my first time making up my own pattern using the elastic thread. I tried something different to fix the wonky neckline...and mine fix didn't work nearly as well as yours so good job. I've come to the conclusion that the best way to do it is to make it kind of tube top style and then add the sleeves to it after.

CK Morgan said...

I think it is cute. She will look darling in it. Can't believe it is out of a sheet!

Kathy Haynie said...

I agree about wanting to see a photo of the dress on the model. :) I think the neckline looks like one of those "lettuce hem" things - very cute.

emmalou said...

I was just going to comment on how I really like the pattern of that fabric. Super cute and sort of old-fashioned. I also wanted to let you know that I had my own thoughts/comments about the cloth diapers thing (the baby I watch wears them) but I didn't want to be redundant with all the other comments you received. Anyway.. that is all. :)

alee said...

I agree...we need to see it on the big O please :)

Anna said...

I echo everyone else--I want to see the big O in her new dress!

Kelly C said...

What a cute dress! I'm very jealous of your shirring skills, mine never turn out right.

Kendra said...

Well done!

Anonymous said...

I've been perusing your blog since coming over from OnePretty thing and I had to stop and comment here. You crack me up!! Ha. I have had so many 'interesting' sewing adventures recently this post just tickled my fancy & made me giggle inside. I am pleased you saw it through to the end because the dress ended up super cute. I'm loving that fabric. Thanks for the happy read. I have thoroughly enjoyed my wee break from work to read your blog. I'm off to sneak off and read some more of your older posts.......Amber

Heather said...

I just stumbled on to your blog (looking around at sewing kids' clothes) and love this dress. I have the same sheets-they were used to make my nursery curtains when I was a baby. I never would have thought of using them for a dress (since they were curtains-I don't know why I would not follow Scarlett's sewing example :)) but now I will consider it for my two girls; this turned out well!