Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Circle Scarf: a little tutorial

Yesterday as I was watching Olivia play I noticed something. 

Her little neck was bare!  No fun to have a cold neck on a chilly morning.  I felt what I have been feeling for a couple of weeks now: a scarf was in order.

I took a moment to think about what kind of material she might like a scarf to be made of.  And compared that to what I had on hand.  When I saw a long-sleeved t-shirt hanging over a chair in my bedroom I had an idea.  A long t-shirt sleeve would be easy and comfy!  But I tried it around her little neck and quickly realized that one sleeve was going to be too short to work as a scarf.  Then I thought about how I might cut the middle of the t-shirt.  And that's when it occurred to me to try and make her a little circular scarf.  It's so simple I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, but I definitely haven't seen it with my own two eyes before.  At least, certainly not on a child.  And so I present to you:

The Circle Scarf

A little lightweight scarf that's just the right amount of cozy on a chilly day.  With the added bonus of no frilly fringe to get in your kid's face.  Because nobody wants fringe in their face.

And my favorite part about it?  She can't pull it off.  Nor has she tried to.  Not even once.  This from the kid that pulls her bib off every single time she eats and won't keep a hat on to save her life?  I'm totally sold.

What's more, with no sewing required, it really couldn't be any easier to make.

You'll need:
-1 soft & stretchy t-shirt
-rotary cutter, mat, & ruler (or scissors and a steady hand)

Step 1:

Cut a strip that's 6" tall out of the middle of your t-shirt.  You should now have a 6" tall circle strip of t-shirt.  Whoop!  (Note: Don't cut it at the bottom of the t-shirt.  You don't want the hem on your scarf.)

Step 2:

Fold your strip in half lengthwise so you have a double-thick 3" tall circle strip of t-shirt.

Step 3:

Now twist your circle into a figure 8.

Step 4:

Pinch the middle of your figure 8...

...and lay the two circles (the two halves of the figure 8) on top of each other.

Ta-da!  You're done!

And did you notice that you finished a whole kid scarf in just four easy steps?  And only one of those steps (the cutting) took longer than two seconds?  Now that's my kind of project.

Cozy.  Comfy.  Easy.  Sweet.

And since you spent so little time on this little scarf, you'll have more time to watch your kiddo wear it while they play.

Have a happy, cozy day!

P.S. You can find this and more of my tutorials in the Tutorials tab above or by clicking HERE.  :)


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

This is and awesome idea, Katie. I'm curious to know how those raw edges hold up. I mean I know they won't unravel, but will they start to curl up? I should definitely make some of these for Becca. I need to make her more leggings too, so she can keep wearning some of her skirts and shorts now that the weather is getting cooler.

Patricia said...

Yea! for pictures of sweet Olivia!
And the scarf is cute, too.

Kathy Haynie said...

Ditto to what Trish said. Love love love love the photos of Olivia, and you are one clever mama to make that little scarf for her. She looks so "in."

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

awesome and love how quick and easy it looks!

Neumaisse said...

Oh, that's seriously adorable! My twin girls are almost 2 and won't keep anything on either! You know what, these would be a great way to avoid chapped necks when baby is teething too! Well done, Miss Thang! :D (And she is one cutie patootie!)

Kendra Last-Bookartist said...

I love the pictures. She is so cute and growing up so fast. I can't believe how many teeth she has grown since we left. Give her hugs from us! Great idea Booboo! Loves!

SteffiD said...

This is pretty awesome :P

If there was a way to sub-title this post, I'd suggest Picture-Splosion!! She's such a cutie :)