Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Filling your heart

Marcie Jessee Photography is one of my beloved little sponsors.  So when she told me she was having a giveaway over on her blog and asked if I'd spread the word I said of course.  Anything for Marcie.  Anything I can do to get her to keep taking adorable pictures of Olivia.  But then when I popped on over there to see what this giveaway was all about my heart melted.

There are some things in life that just fill your heart.  With wanting to reach out.  With wanting to give and love.  With gratitude and thanksgiving for all you do have.  The giveaway going on over on Marcie's blog right now is one of those things that will fill your heart.

I first met the sweet girl in the middle of the photo above when her Aunt Marcie conned her into modeling some onesies I was trying to get some product pictures for.  What a sweetie.  These pictures were taken back in the spring of 2009, but I still remember her.  How could you forget a sweetie like that?

So when I saw this picture yesterday it just about broke my heart.
This is the same little girl.  This picture was taken when little Mikayla turned one.  She passed away two months ago, just a couple months shy of her second birthday.  I had remembered reading on Marcie's blog back when it happened that her niece had passed away and I felt sad about it then, but I didn't realize until I saw this picture yesterday that I had met this wonderful little girl before, that our lives had crossed paths.  It made my heart reach out just that much more to her family.  How tender life is.

In remembrance of little Mikayla her family is reaching out and giving to those in need at the Primary Children's Hospital here in Utah.  There's more to it than that, but I'll let Marcie tell you about it.  You can read her post and enter the giveaway HERE.

And I know you all.  You have kind hearts.  You'd want to give anyway.  But, just so you know, if you enter there may also a bit of free professional photography in it for you.

I hope you'll enter.  What a wonderful way to start this season of giving.

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