Monday, October 11, 2010

Maybe it's the chilly weather

I'm in the mood to sew.  But I'm not.  You know what I mean?  I keep thinking of all these fun projects I want to work on.  But then I hear Olivia still making noise in her room and not taking a nap.  And the thought of having to put down a sewing project right after I finally pick out a piece of fabric doesn't really sound fun right now.  So instead I'm just sitting here browsing through craft blogs.  And thinking about what I might sew. 

I've definitely still got Christmas on the brain.  And I've definitely still got clothes for Olivia on the brain.  Even though she doesn't really need any.  Though it wouldn't hurt to have a few more shirts for the kid.  Crackers + water = paste.  And it really wouldn't hurt to make a few bibs.  With snaps.  Or a button.  Not velcro.  Olivia is the queen of pulling her bib off.  Grr. 

Anyway, that's all for now.  Just popping in to say that.  And to ask this: any recommendations on simple/versatile kids clothing tutorials out there?  Preferably ones with free patterns?  I know there are oodles and oodles.  But I'm in the mood for a good recommendation.  And, as always, recommendations for Christmas gift ideas (or really any kind of gift idea) are always welcome.  Just leave it all in the comments.  Thanks!


Melissa said...

I love reading your blog! Makes me happy! I'm typung from my cell phone bc my laptop is sick with a virus.... Sorry I don't have post link: But I have a cute friends/ neighbor gift I posted recently... Santa's undies.

Meegan said...

Check out my friend Amy's blog - she's got some great tutorials. Here is one for a long sleeve child's peasant dress.
By the way, I love your blog. The name is what caught me - I am moving this week into a new house, and I'm going to turn my kitchen into a red farmhouse kitchen!

Aleatha Shannon said...

Here's a ton of basic kids' patterns:
They are cute as they are, but also very adaptable.
There's also this link:

CK Morgan said...

Those cookies look SO GOOD! I need to go make some now. I thought it was going to be a post about how you like to eat cookies when it gets colder (because I do) but you are just being productive :). Hope people have good recommendations because I want to see more cute stuff you are making.