Wednesday, October 6, 2010


For the past two days I've felt this compelling need to go to the local thrift stores.  One in particular, even though it's not the cheapest one around.  But more than once I have found overwhelmingly amazing goodie bags of sewing supplies.  Such as an entire bag of zippers (in the picture below).  I'm still using those.  Same with an entire bag of bias tape.  At another thrift store I found two small bolts of lace.  I had some things (washing diapers) that really needed to get done yesterday, so I withstood the urge, but today the diapers are washed and I think the hankering may be too much for me.  And then of course Jess of Craftiness is Not Optional goes and posts these amazing shirts she made for her daughter and one of them is made out of a thrifted shirt.  I mean, seriously.  Aren't they adorable?  Looking at her pretty blog always makes me want to make clothes for the big O.  So, anyway, I might be sneaking away to do a little thrift store shopping today.  Wish me luck in withstanding the urge to buy everything.


Beth said...

A bag of Zippers! Awesome! I wish I could find stuff like that at our thrift stores, I just find cute little wall hangings that aren't worth the price they're trying to sell them for. Good luck at the thrift store

Lisa Lou said...

I love the pan. I love thrift stores. So fun. Let's have a party.