Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why Mormons Build Temples

(video at the bottom of this post)

I'm posting my Sunday message a couple hours early this time. Thanks to our awesome babysitter (Thanks Alison!) Bryan and I were able to go to the temple this evening, so it seemed appropriate to share this video with you all about why "Mormons" or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints builds temples.

I love going to the temple. There is so much peace to be had there. To be in a place so void of the world whirling around you and just feel close to Heavenly Father is simply wonderful. Peaceful. It's so easy to feel the love of our Father in Heaven. Feeling that peace and love is what it feels like to have the Spirit, (also called The Holy Ghost) near. It's such a comfort to know of Heavenly Father's love for me and plan for me.

I read this morning while I was studying the scriptures about the kind of pain Christ suffered as He atoned for each of us, for me. What love. It's no wonder that I want to return to be with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so much when I leave this world someday. And it's no wonder that I want to have my family and friends there with me in that celestial place. That is, to me, what ultimate and eternal joy would be. What it will be.

This morning as I was driving to the thrift store, just me and Olivia, the two cars just in front of me got into a bit of an accident. One car seemed to accidentally turn into the other car's lane as we were going through an intersection. The cars collided. But both cars seemed to be okay and they kept driving. It shook me up. I pulled into the thrift store parking lot and called to report the accident. After I got off the phone I told Olivia we should pray. I prayed and we thanked Heavenly Father for answering my prayer from earlier in the morning when I had asked Him to keep us safe and protect us. He heard my prayer and had just answered it.

And later as I was driving home I remembered when I almost died. How could I forget? But I had forgotten. Life has moved on. But today I remembered. I remembered how quickly we can leave this world without being sick or getting old or expecting it for a long time first. I felt so grateful just to be running errands still, to be with Olivia still and to get to raise her and be her mommy, to get to still be with Bryan and be his wife. My life is so happy. Remembering that scary day filled me with gratitude beyond what my words here can express.

I guess I'm not sure how to explain how all this connects in my mind and in my heart, but it does. Peace. And gratitude. And testimony.

May you feel the Spirit today and know that Heavenly Father loves you. So deeply. Infinitely. I prayed that we would be safe and He did keep us safe. You can do that too. Although sometimes prayers don't work like that. Sometimes things don't work out the way we think they will. Often, they work out much better.

It's the little things in life. Laughing with our kids. Praying, really praying and telling God what's in our hearts. Studying the scriptures. Giving. Comforting. Loving.

And having a sweet auntie come and watch our little girl so we could attend the temple today. And feel of that peace and love and receive the direction we were seeking.

May your hearts be open and full.

My love to you all,


Neumaisse said...

I was born and raised about 25 miles from Nauvoo Illinois, and I got to go into the new temple there on the one and only open day they had. It was stunning. I'm not personally Mormon but it was a lovely experience and everyone was just so kind. We always went to Nauvoo for Christmas, and I have so many good memories there of poring through the archives and getting wonderful help from Mormon folks helping me trace my family tree. Xxx

Kathy Haynie said...

There was another time you almost died, in the swimming pool at Thousand Trails when you were just a little girl. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father is watching over you and your sweet family.