Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas Tally (and a free printable)

M is for Merry Christmas!

Christmas presents finished: almost all
Christmas presents left to finish: two
Christmas presents left to think of: one

I really hope that tally is right.  Because it would mean we're almost done!  And it's not even December yet!  Yay!

To celebrate my joy in this matter, I would like to share with you all another little printable banner I made. 

Merry Christmas Banner from Notes From A Very Red Kitchen made by Katie Lewis copyright 2010

To put this banner together just follow the same directions as the Halloween banner.  Or put it together however you want.  :) 

This one will probably go inside a wreath on our front door, but I think it would also be fun in a kids room, across a dollhouse, on the fridge, across a bookshelf, or someplace else small that maybe you wouldn't usually decorate.   

And, just as a disclaimer, the colors look the way I meant them to look on here, but when I printed them off the red was more of a brick red and the green was more of a spring grass green.  I'm really hoping it was just my printer.  But if anyone else happens to have the same problem, would you let me know?  Thanks so much.  Enjoy the free printable.  :) 

Terms of use: For personal use only.  Not for sale or resale.  Just to brighten your day.


agravette said...

thanks so much for the adorable banner! i'm so into Christmas too! have an awesome day!

Home and Heart said...

Thanks SO much for all the fun new places to explore!! Some darling ideas!

Marilou said...

I love the banner and can't wait to put it all together and hang it for Christmas! You have truly shown kindness and TLC today. I hope everyone will.

DrAirpower said...

I printed your adorable letters out on photo paper and glued them on burlap to make a Christmas banner :)