Monday, November 8, 2010

Dog measurements (please?)

Long story short, I am trying to make something for a dog.  A small dog.  Maybe a little bigger than a chihuahua?  I really am not dog-literate.  And any patterns I've tried to reference all assume that I have a dog to measure.  Which I don't.  If you have a small dog, could you please tell me the following information in the comments?

Dog info:
What kind of dog do you have?
Is the dog fully developed or still growing?

Around the back & belly:
Neck to tail:

Thanks in advance.  Hopefully someone out there with a small dog will be able to help me out!  :)


seven thirty three said...

I have a Shih-tzu which is suppose to be a small dog, but he is 24 pounds and fluffy.

I guess it would help if we knew a bit more info - are you looking for a really small dog measurement, like under 10 lbs, or just a small dog, under 20 lbs?

Spencer said...

Oh, I'm your girl!

Lizzy is a chi-mix. She is full grown weighing in at about 7-8 pounds. Her measurements are:

neck: 14 in
neck to tail: 14 in
around the back and belly: 18 in

hope that helps!
(this is Whitney by the way, of course)

Kelly C said...

glad somebody could help... I don't think measuring my 100 lb pyranees would be any help! LOL!