Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fourth Saturday in a row

It feels like we've had four Saturdays in a row.  And it has been awesome.  Also, because we've had time to do all the fun things we wanted to do and run all the errands we wanted/needed to run, here on Saturday numero quatro we've finally had time to work on some projects we wanted to do.

So today was mostly full of spending quiet family time together while we worked on our own little projects.  Well, okay, Olivia mostly just played and slept and got into stuff and had us read stories to her a million times, but Bryan and I had projects we've been working on.  Bryan's project is more of a hobby, but mine has--of course--been entirely about Christmas.  More specifically--wrapping presents.

Yes, I've spent an entire day chipping away at wrapping presents.  It didn't take all day because we're dripping with diamonds and we have so many presents to wrap that it takes all day (ahem... it usually wouldn't take more than about 30 minutes).  It took all day because I've been working on quite a large handful of tutorials for all of you.  See?  Now don't you feel loved?  Well, you should.  Because I spent a whole day on you.

Anyway, more on all this later.  Right now I'm tired.  Very tired.  And we've still got to do some damage control on our messy apartment before our little heads hit our pillows.  So... goodnight!

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CK Morgan said...

it has felt like 4 saturdays! I can't wait to see your tutorials!