Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lengthening newborn pants to fit my one year old

So after making these sweet little newborn pants the other day and discovering that they fit Olivia, I thought I'd make some more.  But longer this time.

Here's how they turned out:


Here's how the two compare in length:

To make them long enough for Olivia, I just added 5 inches to the bottom of the pattern.  Easy peasy.   So here you can see both pairs of pants next to the pattern to get an idea for the length difference in the pattern vs. the length difference in the finished pants.  (The plain white space without any lines at the bottom of the pattern piece is the part I added on.)

And here's where you can really put things into perspective; here's the difference on Olivia...

Newborn size straight off of Rae's pattern with  no alterations:

Not gonna lie.  I totally love these on her.  And if we were still having summer weather she would wear them everyday.  But, sadly, it's a bit too cold for that now.  So I'll just have to put them on her as much as possible on inside days to get my fix of these adorable little pants.  :)

Olivia size--a.k.a. newborn size with 5" added to the bottom:
 Uhh... Olivia was a little hyper when I was taking these pictures.

 Oh, and, by the way, she's wearing her cloth diapers in the pictures here of both pairs of pants.
So there's totally plenty of bum room.  
Although it does take a bit of manuvering to get them on with the cloth diapers.

I love this picture.  It's like she's doing a little jig.  :)

Anyway, I am totally loving Rae's awesome baby pants pattern.  It's so simple and sweet.  And so easy!  Thanks Rae!  I think next up I may try a pair of lined pants to keep those sweet little legs warm this winter.  We'll see how it goes.   :)

P.S. Be sure to check back a little later this afternoon to link up What You're Giving Yourself for Christmas this year and to see some awesome hair accessories.  :)  See you (again) soon!


Marae said...

those are bery cute! i like the fabric a lot. and olivia is adorable, of course. i will have to make some of those for my baby who is very tall but also has a tiny booty.

Student Entrepreneur said...

I love those!! I will have to try and make some for my little girl! Thanks!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

I should try that pants pattern! They look so cute!

Anna said...

1. Uhh, are those Bryan's feet in some of the pictures? What's going on there.

2. Man, Olivia is getting SO BIG! Look at all that hair! Look at her standing up! Look at her little kid face! What a cutie.

3. Very cute pants. Both of them.

JuliaKoponick said...

I made the pants, and posted a picture on my blog. You can find the link here.