Thursday, November 18, 2010

So productive day of cleaning

This picture has nothing to do with the post, but aren't those baby shoes cute?
I think Olivia was a little sleep deprived from her day of no sucking on thumbs yesterday.  How do I know?  Because she took a four hour nap today.  A FOUR HOUR NAP.  Man, if I had known she was going to sleep that long I probably would have worked on some projects I've been trying to make time for.  But since I didn't know ahead of time that she was going to sleep that long, I first spent quite a bit of time just lazily poking around on the computer (read: blogs) and then once I got tired of that I decided to be a fun mom and let Olivia splash her bath toys around in the sink for preschool time once she woke up.  But that meant I needed to wash the dirty dishes in the sink.  So I did that.  And then one thing led to another and I had done all of my chores for the week and Olivia was still sleeping.  Finally she woke up after four hours of nap time and Bry and I went for a run.  So my awesome idea for a fun preschool activity will have to wait until tomorrow.  Anyway, it was amazing to actually get stuff done.  But I don't think it's bound to happen again any time soon.

More on chores tomorrow.  It will be great.

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