Monday, November 22, 2010

You know what I love?

Mail.  And we're not talking junk ads here.  We're talking good mail.  Brown paper packages tied up with string--that sort of thing.  And one of my favorite things to get in the mail during the holiday season is everybody's Christmas cards.  It's fun to hang them up and think about our family and friends as we see each card.  So I was a little bummed when we decided to skip sending out Christmas cards last year.  It was just too spendy.  But this year, Shutterfly is changing all that.

They have so many first-rate options for Christmas photo cards!  And it lowers the cost even more when I don't have to buy cards and print out family photos.  I can just buy one thing and be done!

And you know what lowers the cost even more?

Being a blogger.

Wait, what?  Being a blogger makes Christmas cards cheaper?  Yes.  Yes it can.  I'm not sure how long the offer will be available, but right now Shutterfly is offering a promotion for 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers willing to share their love of Christmas cards with others.  You can check out the details on that awesome deal HERE.

And, of course, Shutterfly also has an awesome selection of Christmas cards that aren't quite so Christmasy.  They call it their "Holiday cards."  I call it their "Classy, but not red, white, and green" selection.  :)

I still can't decide which layout we'll go with, but, rest assured, there will be Christmas card lovin' coming from the red kitchen this year!

So hop on over to Shutterfly and get going on sending out some fun holiday mail!  :)

*All images courtesy of Shutterfly.


Emily said...

YAY for Christmas cards! And YAY for Shutterfly! I absolutely love Shutterfly!

Love you!

Emily said...

Also, do you know yet if you have to blog about the cards before you can sign up or how does it all work?

Thanks! :) Also, do you know if private blogs can participate or do you think I should put it on our non-private adoption blog?

Kathy Haynie said...

So cute! Sounds like a great deal.