Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A's Lunch Bag

This reusable lunch bag is made from one of Bryan's old polo shirts (not really "bad condition" old just kind of "always been too big so why did he even own it" old), some big buttons, black bias tape, and that liner stuff (for lack of a better term).  It was important that the lunch bag be red and black (a special request), but since this shirt in the to-be-cut-up-and-used-for-something-else-pile was the biggest piece of red fabric I had on hand, the lunch bag itself was rather flimsy.  I thought it could use a little more structure and that adding a waterproof layer couldn't hurt, so I added the button-in lining.  Hopefully now it'll be easy to use, but also easy to wash.

Oh and, just because, I made this super quick and easy little reusable snack bag out of one of the shirt sleeves.

It's not lined, but it'd be good for pretzels or something.  :)

Among my siblings (since there are so many of us) we draw names when it comes to giving gifts.  This year we had my sister's family and I kept joking that we got the family that kept adding family members the closer it got to Christmas.  :)  We made our list of what we were giving everyone for Christmas back in July so we could get started on all our projects.  We had things all settled on the list... and then my sister told us that she's pregnant.  (Yay!)  So we added a little something for their little girl on the way.  Then we had all of the gifts finished up... and found out that my sister and her husband are now foster parents to a girl with autism.  She told me we didn't have to send a gift for her, but my heart couldn't handle that.

I can't imagine--I mean I really, literally, cannot even imagine what it would be like to grow up in foster care, never having a solid home situation that you could count on for eternity (though I know my sister and her family will be a wonderful foster family).  And the thought of our box of presents arriving on their doorstep and everyone pulling packages out except for this sweet girl... doesn't it just break your heart?  Mine too.  So through a few quick conversations I tried to learn a little bit about what this girl might like to find under the tree on Christmas day.

I'll be the first to admit that this lunch bag looks perhaps a little too homemade.  And, though I tried to make it something she'll like and I hope she does like it, I don't mind if she doesn't love it or even if it never gets used.  More than anything, I just wanted her to open the gift from us and somehow have that help her know that Heavenly Father loves her and is aware of her just as much as He is of anyone else in this big world.  Because I truly believe that that is the best gift of all.


teacherspet04 said...

It's lovely and genuinely thoughtful - I'd have done the same thing. I might even have gone a little overboard for her, to try to make it really special. It's hard, when we are so blessed with our 5 healthy, happy kiddos to even imagine that other little ones can go a lifetime without the permanent love of a family.

Kathy Haynie said...

Good call. I like the button-in lining idea. Hooray for families!