Friday, December 10, 2010


Deep breath...

Life has been busy lately.  Not because of any certain thing.  And since we've been finished with Christmas presents for a while now, we haven't even been busy with Christmas stuff.  We've just been... busy.  This past week or so it's like I can't quite catch  my breath.  Moving from one little thing to the next all day long and long into the night day after day after day makes me exhausted. 

Then lack of sleep from Olivia got thrown into the mix.  Usually--on a good, regular, solid kind of day--Olivia will take three naps.  I know, I'm spoiled.  But that's our regular.  One morning nap.  One afternoon nap.  One evening nap.  And then a good solid night of sleep.  Well, she's still be sleeping just fine at night, but lately her naps have been... just off.  Sometimes she'd totally skip her morning nap.  Other times she'd skip her evening nap.  And then today she skipped both her morning and evening nap and the eensie weensie bit of an afternoon nap was not long enough for either of us to get back to full functioning capacity.  Don't get me wrong--I love being a mom--but a constant whining all day long is enough to make anyone feel a little exhausted. 

Anyway, I don't want to add to the whining.  I just wanted to say that things have been busy.  And sometimes it makes me feel a little stressed.  Lately I want nothing more than to have my sewing space be magically clean and be able to just retreat back there and sew to my little heart's content.

Sigh.  Not really happening right now.  But that's okay.  Perhaps I'll get a little breathing/sewing time tomorrow.  :)


Anonymous said...

May be time to switch to 2 longer naps. OR maybe she was having an off day, it is hard to know with kids! Hope things even out for you.

Josh and Alice said...

I could tell Josiah was ready to move to just one nap when he started not falling asleep at all during his second nap. For several days I'd still put him down hoping that this was not the case and hear him crying/talking to himself 1-2 hrs...but then I decided it was time. So I just delayed his morning nap to noon. But that took a few days to slowly push it to later. And then it took him about a week to realize he'd only be getting the option of taking one nap now and started elongating his single nap. So now he sleeps from about noon to 3 or 3:30.

teacherspet04 said...

I feel your pain, my husband has been injured this fall and we homeschool our 5 kids (ages 3mo to 12 yrs) and I want to call off all commitments and just sew and sew and sew until my stack of have tos gets whittled down to my want tos.