Sunday, December 26, 2010


A very merry day after Christmas to you all!  

And now that everyone has opened their presents... I CAN SHOW THEM TO YOU!!!!  It's really a wonder I didn't explode trying to keep all this in.  Anyway, I've got them scheduled to post a couple each day until we get through them all... which could take a while.  So I hope you'll enjoy a little peek at each of the Christmas presents we made and gave to our family for Christmas this year!

Just as a warning, the posts on each gift are a bit of a picture dump, but hopefully in a good way.  :)  And in some of them I was feeling more wordy than others.  But I just want to say that--no matter the gift or the amount that I blab about it here on the ol' blog--we love our families so so much and we hope that they all loved their gifts.  And I hope you'll all enjoy seeing them now too (uhh... and in no particular order).

The first one will be up a little later today!  Can't wait!  :)

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