Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lisa's earrings

Over the summer a good friend let me and some other women in our ward come over and make earrings for $1/pair.  If you've ever even looked at the jewelry aisle at any craft store then you know what an awesome deal that is.  So I made a bunch of pairs to keep on hand for birthday and Christmas presents and I'm so glad I did.  Also, now (thanks to my friend's excellent teaching) I am a little bit awesome at making jewelry.  Okay, probably not, but I like to think it's true.

Here's the low down on how I mounted the earrings:
  • using a circle paper punch, cut a circle out of the inside of a security envelope
  • do the same thing to punch a circle out of white cardstock
  • glue them together (I used a glue stick)
  • use a straight pin to poke holes wherever you want
  • put the earrings in
  • be so awesome
Pretty, no?  And so cheap!  And so fast!  In place of security envelopes I've also used origami paper, lined 3x5 cards, and other random bits of decorated paper before.

I'm sad to say that I forgot to take pictures of the earrings I sent to my mom and my Nana for Christmas.  But theirs were packaged the same way.  :)


Emily said...

WOW! I am so impressed with all these handmade presents you worked so hard on! Seriously, these are amazing! I'm going to have to look back here next Christmas to find some good ideas...or to copy some good ideas. :)

Also, I LOVED, absolutely LOVED spending time with you last week. I didn't realize how much I really missed you until I got to see you and spend time with you. Now I'm going to have Katie withdrawls! Good thing you're moving just a tiny bit closer soon!

I love you! Happy New Years!

Kathy Haynie said...

Very classy presentation. I was way impressed, and I LOVE my earrings. I am so glad to be on Katie's Christmas list!