Thursday, December 2, 2010

A post that's just what it is

I have to admit that sometimes I feel overwhelmed.  By craft blogs.  By all the amazing people that create things I've never thought of.  Or that create something I have thought of, but they make it different or better (or sometimes they just photograph it better).  I've got a week's worth of fun tutorials to share with you all starting on Monday.  The fabric is adorable.  And I even think you'll like the tutorials themselves.  But, at the moment, I'm just feeling a little shy.  A little sheepish.  Sometimes I'm so amazed and impressed at the tonnage of wonderful and beautiful ideas that I can't help but feel small.

Hello!  Can anyone hear me out there?  Does anyone like what I share?

You don't have to answer that.  It's just how I feel sometimes.  And yet, yesterday was the mark of two hundred and fifty people calling back to me, "I hear you!  I like what you share!"  It's funny how real people so easily turn into little pictures in little boxes.  It's so easy sometimes to disconnect them from the funny, wonderful, real people they are living real lives.  But every time I see another one of you join the little throng I feel a twinge of joy.  "Somebody wants to be my friend!"  That's what it's like.  And who doesn't love that feeling?  I just want to say thank you to all of you who have made me feel that way. 

This post is turning out different from how I started.  I meant to write about feeling overwhelmed.  But here I am gushing about how much I like you all.  Anyway, I guess I just wanted to pop in for a second.  Just to pop in as little me living a little life and feeling little.  And maybe to just make sure you all know that there are a lot of people out there who are cooler than me.  And it's okay if you like them because I like them too.  But I also like that you still like me anyway.  It's reassuring.  And it reminds me that blogs are no contest.  And I love that.


Sandy said...

I too was feeling overwhelmed today. I am always amazed when I open my reader at all the beautiful crafts and ideas out there. I know I will never be able to even compare and I feel very small as well. Who am I kidding I am small my voice in bloggy world is almost non existent.

I like your blog very much and I am a new reader, looking forward to more great posts.

In my world your blog is awesome :-)

Steve and Nicole said...

aw katie i LOVE your blog! it's my favorite to look at. and i feel like i know someone famous because your blog is so popular! anyways, i miss you too. we should hang out soon! we are going to be gone almost every sunday in december (boo). but we're here during the week!

Steve and Nicole said...

ha ha ha so i was talking to steve when i wrote that and i did not realize that i said i miss you too ha ha i'm laughing at myself. i just meant to say i miss you. period. end of sentence ha

Unknown said...

I totally understand how you feel! The craft blog world is overwhelming sometimes. Just so you know, I love what you share...thank you :)

Liz said...

I totally know that overwhelmed feeling!

I love seeing the things you make and look forward to your tutorials :)

Kathy Haynie said...

Ditto, you, love your blog, looking forward to your tutorials with cute fabric, cool photos, and great ideas. :)