Tuesday, December 21, 2010

These two

These two touch my heart in so, so many ways.  I know them both personally.  And I am so glad I do.  They are both hilarious.  But there's so much more to why I love them.

Whitney (my friend who just did the giveaway for the necklace) was one of my nearest and dearest friends (and roommates) while I was in college.  She is one of the most kind and thoughtful people I've ever known.  And one of my favorite people to be around.  Bryan always knows when I'm on the phone with Whitney because of the way I start to talk.  It's ridiculous.  And usually a little high-pitched.  And giggly.  I just love her so much that it all bubbles out in giggles.  She's just one of those friends.  The kind you miss every single time you think of them.  That kind of friend.

And Spencer.  Haha.  Oh, Spencer, Spencer, Spencer.  Spencer was everybody's friend instantly and I'm sure he's still that way.  He's the kind of guy that always makes you laugh, but also the kind that you can always count on for anything.  And watching the way he treats my dear, dear friend Whitney always just makes me smile.  When you know them both, you just know that they're meant to go together.


I'll be honest.  I consider myself a bit of a writer, but I really don't know how to transition from those cheerful and carefully crafted words into what comes next.  Because what I've said came from my head and my heart, but what comes next is so tender a subject that it can only come from my heart.  And here it is:

Whitney and Spencer can't have children.

It breaks my heart every time I think about it.  There are days when I look at sweet Olivia and I just feel heartbroken on behalf of all my friends who struggle with infertility.  Because the question of having children and not having children is so much not a matter of worthiness on the part of the parents.  And it's nowhere near a question of whether the parents "deserve" to have a child.  Because if it was all just a matter of that then Spencer and Whitney would be well on their way to a second or third child by now.  No, the question at hand is something entirely different.  And, to be honest, I have no idea what that question is.

But I do know this: Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us.  He has a plan for me.  He has a plan for you.  He has a plan for Spencer and Whitney.  And he has a plan for the children who will someday be so blessed to come into their family.  And I know he has a plan for each and every birth mother who puts their sweet baby up for adoption.

I've witnessed the true miracle of adoption in my own extended family.  And it touches me so deeply when I consider how so many broken hearts come into the process of adoption, and so much healing comes out of it.  In go the broken hearts of birth parents faced with the struggle of raising a child that they love, but aren't able to raise.  In go the broken hearts of a couple who anxiously, deeply, desperately, lovingly want to bring children into their family--but can't.  And out comes so much joy.  Of course it's bitter-sweet.  And of course it's heart-wrenching to see a baby pass from mother's arms to mother's arms.  But I know that adoption brings with it a deep and abiding joy and love for the Savior.

I know all this, and yet sometimes I wonder.  How will Spencer and Whitney ever find their baby?  There are so many couples hoping to adopt babies.  And there are so many birth mothers looking for adoptive parents.  How will they find Spencer and Whitney?  The world seems too big.  And I worry sometimes that I have nothing to offer my dear friends except my brokenheartedness on their behalf.

But the world is not so big here with all of you.  And--small as it is--there is something more that I can do.

I can tell the world how wonderful Spencer and Whitney are.  I can tell the world that they are searching and hoping and praying for a child to join their family.  And then I can have faith that Heavenly Father will use me and so many others as instruments in His hands to bring a child to Whitney and Spencer.

And I hope you'll do the same.  I know you may not know them personally.  But I know that when we do something kind--even if it's for someone we don't know--miracles happen.  That is the way the Lord works--through other people.  And as the work of the Lord rolls along, it blesses so many people and touches so many hearts along the way.  Someday Spencer and Whitney will have a child.  And I wouldn't be at all surprised if--someday, somehow--it has something to do with one of you.

Please take a moment to visit their adoption blog HERE.

And, if you feel so moved, please share their story with your friends either on your own blog or in heartfelt conversations with those around you.  (And if you do share their story on your blog, please take a moment to leave a comment here with the link or contact Whitney and Spencer to let them know.  I know that it would touch their hearts and give them hope.)  And, as their friend, I would be forever grateful for helping me try to help them.

You can even help by becoming a follower on their blog just so show them how much you support them or even by sharing a link to this post on your own blog or on Facebook or Twitter.  It's by small and simple things that great things are brought to pass.  And surely sharing a link on a blog or Facebook or Twitter is small and simple enough that it would only take a quick minute.  Please do.

And, of course, I know that they would love to hear from anyone and everyone who has words of hope and encouragement to pass their way.  Please feel free to do so here in the comments.

I just want to end by saying that I have faith in Heavenly Father's divine plan.  And I have faith in each of you and your place in that plan.  Together we can bless the lives of so many.  Let's start with Spencer and Whitney.


alee said...

My cousin just officially signed the papers for her little girl last night :) Miracles do happen and we'll be praying for one for Spencer and Whitney! Good luck to them :)

Missy said...

Absolutely heart-wrenching. I have to say it is wonderful that you all are good friends. I wish I could say I had a friend like that. Maybe I could have but I lost her 11 years ago.
I will keep your friends in my thoughts and prayers.