Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whitney's giveaway

You may have noticed by now that I don't have guest posts very often.  Partly that's because I'm too lazy and shy to go around trying to get people to write guest posts for my blog and partly it's because I've got a bit of an ego and I'm a blabber mouth and I like to blab at you guys whenever I feel like it.  But today I couldn't be happier to have my friend Whitney over here for a guest post.  Okay, that's a lie.  I might be happier about it if you weren't about to see a picture of me in a swim cap looking like my face is misshapen and a million pounds overweight.  But other than that I couldn't be happier to introduce you to my friend Whitney.  She is one of the the kindest, sweetest, most fun people I've ever had the privilege to know.  I miss having her close by to be crazy and laugh with.  And her heart is just as big as the underwear you're about to see.  Whitney is always thinking of others and today is no exception.  So, with that, I give you... Whitney!  :)


Hello there!  I'm Whitney from Creating While Waiting.  Katie and I go way back.  We were roommates in college, took a sculpting class together, took a road trip to Califo together, and after we both got married, we were practically next-door neighbors.

As you can see, we sometimes probably had a little TOO much fun together.

If you are like me, then you probably love stories.  My favorite thing about blogging is that it allows me a little glimpse into other people's worlds.  I love to see people doing good things.  I love to see people overcoming challenges, creating, celebrating, learning, caring, but most of all, just sharing their story!  I am continually inspired by the lives people live and the good things they do.

So,  a while ago I had this great idea that I thought would be fun to try out this holiday season.  I LOVE making things, but have never done a giveaway before.  I was thinking now would be a fun time to try one.  So I made this little beauty:
Cute, huh? And I wanted to give all you readers a chance to win this little lovely... for SOMEONE ELSE.  That's right.  Here's yet another chance to embrace the spirit of giving.

"So how do I enter?" you ask.

All you have to do is respond by leaving a comment on this post detailing:
1. WHO you want to give it to.          ...and...
2. WHY they deserve to win.

****Obnoxious insert from Katie--PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS SO WHITNEY HAS A WAY TO CONTACT YOU IF YOU WIN.  You wouldn't believe how many people have come up first to win giveaways, but get passed over because they don't leave any contact info.  Don't let this happen to you!  Okthanksbye.****

I would love to win this necklace for my friend, Jen.  She is unfailingly positive, even in the face of the enormous challenges that face her little family, including a child with cerebral palsy and a husband who has recently been having health challenges of his own.  She is the kind of person that sits next to the person seated by themselves in the cafeteria.  The kind of person that writes notes of encouragement to those who struggle, even when her own heart is breaking.  It is high time someone does something nice for her for a change.

Why am I doing it this way?  Because I want to hear your stories!  I want to hear about someone who inspires you and why.  I plan to do a feature story on my blog about the winner of this lovely necklace, and what makes them special.

So, you have a little less than one week to enter for that special lady in your life (I'm sorry to narrow it down to just the women, but I just don't think that a man will appreciate the necklace quite as much).  Maybe we can do another giveaway somewhere down the road for the men who inspire us.

This giveaway will close at midnight (US mountain time) on Saturday, December 18.  The winner will be announced on Sunday, December 19th.

Thank you all for sharing your stories with me!


Sheri E. said...

If I won this, I would want to give it to my mom. My mom is an amazing woman. She works so hard doing things for others. She raised eight children. Now having just one child of my own, I'm beginning to understand just how much she sacrificed for us. Growing up, my mom wasn't really a fashion savvy person. (I hope she doesn't read this.) She never wore makeup or jewelry. Her clothes were older but they got the job done. She was too busy taking care of us to spend a lot of extra time on herself. Now that all of us kids have grown up and moved away, she's started updating her wardrobe and she actually owns some necklaces! When I saw the picture of the necklace for the giveaway, I though it looked like something my mom would really enjoy wearing. Now that she's a grandma, she's just as busy as ever, but I want her to feel pretty as she travels the country, still taking care of her children.

Stacie Lou said...

If I won this, I would give it to my sister-in-law. She is sweet, kind and cute as can be. She loves fashion and trying new things. She and I are shopping buddies and she is always inspiring me to go with my gut and get the cute thing I want really bad. I think she would love it.

ali said...

if i won this i would give it to my sister lisa because she is getting married and this headband matches her wedding colors PERFECTLY!

Shanon said...

I would love to win this for my daughter, Alyx. She is a source of inspiration and light to all who know her. She is a struggling student at the U of U and I often feel as though I am not in a position to help her enough...me being a single mom of 5. But even so...she is always grateful, she is always asking what SHE can do to help ME, she is always positive, and she the definition of a good, kind person. The necklace is beautiful, Whitney!!! Alyx would ADORE it. xoxo

Meegan said...

First of all, the necklace is darling! I love it!

Second of all, if I won this I would give it to my dear friend Patty. The style of the necklace fits her personality to a "t". She is such a generous person, always giving to those who need it. She's always passing along craft projects she has made, and is always gifting people with wonderful treasures. It would be perfect to be able to gift here with some so special!

meeganjw at gmail dot com

Lynley Jill said...

It made me smile when I saw Shanon's comment. I know she nominated her daughter Alyx to win...and she would be very deserving; but all day I was thinking who I would choose, and the person I thought of was Shanon! She is a true friend and a constant inspiration. A single mom of 5, she works full time and serves as Young Women President for the girls in her ward. She is patient, loving, and kind. She is always positive and fun to be around. Shanon gives so much of herself and sacrifices everything for her family and friends. I don't think she's slept a full night's rest in years, because her only time to take care of things is when the kids are in bed. She is extremely talented and creative, a true artist. She has such a fun sense of fashion and would look adorable in your lovely creation. It's easy to see why Alyx is so amazing with a mom like Shanon. Either would be great choices if you ask me! (Maybe they can even share!)

Audrey Crisp said...

I would love to give this to my dear mom! She lives far away from me and has great style! She would love this! I don't get to see her for Christmas but I will in January! She deserves it because she spends so much time helping/serving others she never takes time for herself!

Kendra said...

I would give the necklace to my sister-in-law Emily. She is pregnant with her second child (but not her second pregnancy), and she is due on Dec 25th- Christmas! I love her dearly- she is constantly thinking of others and right now she could definitely use a little pick-me-up. The pregnancy has been very hard on her and the baby is breech and she will most likely have to deliver c-section, after planning for a natural birth. This would be a treasured gift if she received it.
PS When I saw the picture of the necklace the first thought that went through my head was- Emily would LOVE that! before I even saw it was a give-away!

Emily said...

I love this idea Whitney! It is perfect for Christmas too! What a lovely way to remind us of the true meaning of the season. :)

And what a beautiful necklace! I'm so impressed that you made that!

I would give this necklace to my wonderful friend, Amanda. Amanda is like a rock of strength. She is so hopeful and lifts me up a lot. We don't get to see each other as much anymore now that we've both moved away from Wymount but I'm always so grateful for her. I met Amanda through having the same trial and at just the right time. We were just finding out that we couldn't have babies and she was there going through something so similar. She's gone through so much in the past year yet she is always faithful, always trying to be optimistic, and always hopeful. I know I can always cry to her and she'll have something to say!

Thanks for the opportunity for me to maybe give her this beautiful necklace! You are wonderful Whitney! :)

Bree said...

If I won this necklace, I would give it to my friend, Randi, to wear on her wedding day. She is one of the most loving individuals I have ever met. She has been a constant friend, shoulder to cry on, supporter, and "sister" to me in the past 11 years. She finally met her perfect guy she deserves and they are going to be married in July 2011 and I would love to give her something as special as she is.


Katie said...

I would give this to my sister, Jen.
She is my only sister, my big sister and a big role model to me. I've ALWAYS wanted to be just like her and even at 24 I can say I still do. She is always giving, giving giving, & puts everyone else first and deserves to get something that is just for her. She has FOUR boys that she takes care of every day and she never complains about how challenging they are (even though I know from babysitting they are!) With all those boys, she needs more girly things in her life and I know she would love this necklace!

Cristalle said...

If I won this I would give it to my BFF. She has been there for me for the last 17 years and is the best auntie to my kids. I love surprising her with little things and she would definitely rock this necklace.