Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Peach

Vintage Flair Baby Loafers Pattern size newborn-2T
I love patterns.  Especially patterns made by real people.  (And definitely patterns that don't come in a folded mess of tissue paper that I will never be able to put back in that dumb little pouch.  Ugh.)  And, you know, it always helps if the patterns have cute cover pictures.  

Vintage Flair Flats Pattern women's size 5-11  | Psst!  All Winter Peach shoe patterns are FULLY LINED!  All seams enclosed!  Hooray!
But perhaps one of the most important aspects of a loveable pattern is clarity of instructions.  Having grown up sewing, taken multiple sewing classes in college, and working on projects almost daily, I can't tell you how many times I still get lost following the instructions on a manufactured pattern.  Seriously?  I usually abandon ship half way through and make up the rest... which isn't always a great idea.  So I love when I come across great patterns on Etsy.

Mary Jane Flats Pattern child size 8-12
Because knowing that the pattern was made by a real human being is a major plus for me.  Not to mention free shipping and instant gratification since it just comes e-mailed straight to you in a PDF, right?  So, so awesome.

It's a teddy bear, it's a backpack--it's the Buddy Pack!

So I couldn't be more thrilled to introduce you to my newest sponsor, Arlene of

Her shop is full of fun little patterns with beautiful pictures,  
full step-by-step instructions 
(with photographs to guide you along the way), 
and perfectly charming end results.  

Winter Wonderland Flannel Slippers Pattern child size 7-women's size 11
 Oh, and did I mention that her patterns are so reasonably priced?  Uhh... yeah.   
Try every single pattern $6.00 and under. 

Mary Jane Flats Pattern size newborn-woman's size 11
And she offers patterns in sets for an even better value.  

Baby Bootie Pattern in 4 sizes with 3 strap options
 So.  Awesome.  

Spring Chick Drawstring Treat Bag--Wouldn't he make a smashing penguin for Christmas wrap?  :)
But wanna hear something even more awesome?   
Shhh.  Come here.  I'll tell you a little secret.  

Baby Booties Pattern in 4 sizes with 3 strap options
She's offering a sweet sale to all of you, my lovely readers.  
And only to you lovely readers.   

From now until Christmas she's offering 25% off your entire order when you enter the code 25REDKITCHEN at the check out. 

Lucy Babushka Softie Doll Pattern
So what're you waiting for?  
You could be using these patterns to make Christmas presents!  

Head on over to Winter Peach and say hello to Arlene.  
Tell her Katie sent ya.  ;)


Melissa said...

Thanks for this showing me this cute shop. I looked at the patterns last night, and this morning I purchased the Mary Janes sizes newborn to womens 11. How exciting!!

I blogged about it too, just in case you wanted to check it out. Thanks!

Lisa Lou said...

I love the babuska doll!

Kiana N said...

Awesome! I love finding new pattern shops at Etsy! Thanks so much for sharing! I am definitely going to get the pattern for those slippers! Thanks for the coupon code!!