Monday, January 17, 2011

For Baby

I may or may not just be writing this post to push those pictures of myself down a little bit further.  Heh heh.  Aaaaanyway.  Wanna see some random little fun things I've been making lately?  Here we go...

As you may remember, we got this baby doll (Olivia appropriately named it "Baby.") for Olivia for 50 cents at the thrift store the other day.  And since Baby came without clothing, I thought some clothes were in order.  Thus...

...this slightly funky and perhaps a little school marmy? little red gingham dress.  I'll admit I'm not deeply in love with it, but it does the job.  Much better than having Olivia carry around a naked baby doll out in public.

The piece of clothing that I am a little bit in love with is this:

No, my hand doesn't need a diaper.  This is just to show relative size.
Isn't it cute?  Hehe.  Love this simple little baby diaper.  Made using THIS free pattern and tutorial, some white t-shirt scraps, and velcro.

I did modify things very slightly by adding an extra bit of velcro to the top of one of the straps.  Baby is a little bit smaller of a doll than I think the diaper was intended, so this helps the diaper straps stay in place.

And it even fits Olivia's kitty!  Hehe.  I secretly love it even more on the kitty.  :)

Next up, a bit of bedding was in order.

When I set out to make a blanket I had a little something like THIS in mind, but then I couldn't muster up the will to use up really cute fabric on a baby doll blanket.  And I wasn't in the mood to actually piece a quilt together.  Sorry, Baby.  Maybe sometime down the road when Olivia's room is coordinated I'll make you a cuter blankie to match.

In the mean time, I made this super simple blanket using a pair of old jeans and a couple layers of flannel.  And then--duh--once I made the blanket I just had to make a pillowcase to match.

(With a real little pillow inside, of course.) 

The pillow is made of white t-shirt scraps (sleeves, to be exact) and a bit of polyfil stuffing.  The pillowcase is made of the same flannel that's on the back of the blankie.

I wasn't sure Olivia would really know what to do with it, but I was wrong.  She loves putting Baby (and a myriad of other stuffed animals) to sleep in this basket with the pillow and blankie.  And then she does the baby sign for "sleep."  She totally gets it.  Haha.  So cute.

Night, night Kitty!

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Mike said...

Maddy also has a baby named... Baby. She mostly undresses it and and has me dress it again. She also carries it around by the leg or neck and likes to give Baby her "bah-bah" or bottle.

Beth said...

That's adorable! And good thinking on making the diaper adjustable, my daughter puts baby clothes an her dolls, and stuffed animals. She's currently got her monkey in a leotard that is really small and it's got a huge wedgie.

Kathy Haynie said...

When I was looking online for disposable diaper photos for my recent blog post about mopping with a diaper, I ran across several photos of diapers with a hole cut out for an animal's tail. I think all the photos were for doggie diapers. For reals. Real dogs.

This is a very cute ensemble. Lucky Baby. Very sweet for Olivia.