Friday, January 28, 2011

Kimono Shirt #2

Okay, okay, so it looks a little like a hospital gown.  Or some nurse's scrubs...
After having such great success making the first kimono shirt for Olivia, I thought I'd try another.  This time, instead of using old t-shirts for fabric, I used an old sheet.  (Apparently I have a thing for making new things out of old things lately.) 

I basically made the shirt following this method, but differed in the following ways:

  • Since I was using an old sheet, I just lined up the bottom edge of the sleeves and the bottom edge of all shirt pieces with the existing hem on the sheet.  This made it so I didn't have to hem anything or add any bias tape around the sleeve edges.  Jawsome.

  • Rather than having the bias tape go in one continuous piece all the way down the front edges, I just did a piece of bias tape going from the bottom edge up to the armpit (the place where it turns).  Then I did another piece of bias tape that went all the way around from the end of one tie, around the top of the front, around the back neckline, and back around to the other side of the front and the tie on the opposite side.  (Hope that makes sense.)  That way I didn't have to cut and sew extra tie pieces. 
  • I omitted the cute little pleats on the sleeves.  Well, initially I did include the cute little pleats, but I was making the shirt when Olivia was sleeping and when I tried it on her the next morning it was kind of a tight squeeze with the pleats, so I had to take them out.  (Sigh.) 

Other than the fact that it really does bear a striking resemblance to hospital attire, I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  Mainly because... fits her!

That always means success in my book.   
(Because you know how much that is not always the case.)

And here's a little tribute to all of you fellow-sewers out there without sergers. 
Yes, all of these seams just have a little zig zag finish.  And, yes, I feel lame about that.  But you know what?  It's okay.  Things can still be worth making even without a serger.  (I think I need to write that on something and hang it in front of my face while I sew.)

And besides, once it's on Olivia, who would ever know?

Nobody.  That's who. 

(Well, except you of course.  But that's only because I told you.  You know what I mean.)

Final verdict:
Kimono shirt success #2


Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

way cute! and i love how you did the ties! brilliant! I sewed a lot of clothing before I got a serger and got along fine. (although it has changed my life, no joke, lol)

yay for it fitting! and no hemming! and it's so cute!

Kathy Haynie said...

Love love love the cheesy grin on Big O. And the darling kimono shirt. (But for the record, my favorite version is #1, with the stretchy t-shirt fabric.)