Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Lewis Family Tragedy and other stories (a book)

Despite my diligence in reminding Bryan that he contributed plenty to all the Christmas presents by going to work and earning money for supplies and playing with Olivia so I could have time to work on things, he still felt he needed to contribute to the gifts.  And I'm glad he did.  Because his contribution turned out super awesome.  At the BYU Bookstore there's a book machine that will print and bind your PDF file into a paperback book.  Cool, no?  Bryan had already taken advantage of the book machine before when he wrote the winning masterpiece Nathaniel Gets Scurvy (a book about a boy who learns to eat his veggies), so he knew what to do to get going on a book for the family.

First he compiled stories that different siblings (and spouses) had written.   The Lewis Family Tragedy was a story that Bryan's little sister Alison wrote when she was younger.  (I just want to say, by the way, that the Lewis family is actually a really nice family.)  The story was written (as far as I'm told) for the specific purpose of being read aloud by the computer (you know, in that terribly automated computer voice) and the challenge was to try and listen to the whole thing without laughing.  Which nobody could do.  In addition to this literary gem, Bryan also compiled funny stories that everyone had written on their blogs.  I was lucky enough to have THIS ONE included (just the part about me throwing the rock at the bee.)  Then Bryan drew funny illustrations.  The Lewis Family Tragedy is fully illustrated, but the rest just have one picture each.

We're super happy with how the books turned out.  They're full of funny family inside jokes.  And even though the book isn't read aloud by the automated computer voice, we really can't get through it without laughing.  :)

For more fun Bryan...ness... you can find his blog HERE.

Edited to add: This was a huge hit at Christmas.  The entire family loved it.  And a lot of the family hadn't read all of the stories inside, so it was fun to pass on that bit of funny (and sometimes false) family history.  :)  Also, Bryan published an online version of the entire book!  You can view it HERE.

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Kathy Haynie said...

Love love love the books. You married well. :)