Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lisa's Purse


Lisa has been one of the easiest people to make gifts for this year.  Because she lives close by, sees the things I make on a regular basis, and tells me what she likes.  So, so convenient.  :)  So when she saw the purse I made for myself a while back and told me, "It would be okay if you wanted to make me one," I just stored that nice little piece of information away.  :)  

*I added the pockets with my own little makeshift pattern.  Every purse needs pockets.  :)

A quick note about One Yard Wonders--I really like this book.  It's well written, easy for a beginner to follow, includes a lot of great basic sewing info, and is easy to flip through to find a good project.  So often when I go to the book store and browse through sewing books I think to myself, "This is cute, but I can find a lot of this stuff online for free."  But I actually bought One Yard Wonders and I've loved it.  And I'm not getting any compensation for saying that.  I'll just let that speak for itself.

And just because I'm totally addicted to making zipper pouches, I thought I'd whip up a little matching one.  Perfect for hiding tampons or keeping lose change together.

Love this little pouch.  If you're looking for a zipper pouch tutorial that's easy and fast, I recommend this one:
The dimensions of the pouch pictured above aren't exactly the same as in the tutorial I just linked to, but the construction method is generally the same.  Gotta love that lining.  :)

One last note about this project.  When I made a purse (same pattern and instructions) for myself a while back, I used some cute dark brown fabric for the lining.  BAD IDEA.  Do you know how hard it is to search for things in a dark hole?  Hard.  I've since learned to use light colored fabric for lining any bags I make.  And the result is a much more functional bag.  :)

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