Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Olivia's and Soapy & JoJo's ABC cards

How to:
  • Print out the ABC cards from Yellow Mums
  • Laminate (I like to do hard lamination on things for little kids)
  • Cut out
  • Punch holes (punch one and then use it as a template to punch the rest)
  • Put them on a ring
  • Randomly find the perfect ABC tins at the thrift store and stash the cards inside :)

Since this wonderful (and free!) printable comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters, you can use them as plain old flashcards with younger kids and they work great for a fun memory game with older kids!  They also work great as go fish cards.  That's three games in one!  Just for the cost of printing and lamination!  Awesome.

Man, don't even get me started on how awesome it is that these feature both uppercase and lowercase letters.  Kids really can't get enough exposure to that.  They see uppercase letters all the time, but lowercase letters?  Not so much.  And it doesn't really help that so many lowercase letters look so much alike.  Didn't I say not to let me get started on that?  :)

Anyway, these printable are fantastic.  We'll for sure be getting some good use out of these for Bolivia.  And hopefully her little cousins will enjoy their set too.  :)


Andrea said...

I love this idea! thanks so much:)

Aya&Izzysmom said...

Do you have the download it does not download off her page any more?

Katie Lewis said...

No, sorry. I don't own those files, so it's not up to me to distribute them. I'm sorry to see that she's taken them down though! They were a great set.