Thursday, January 6, 2011

Olivia's Bag of Goodies


  • a little Bolivia-size tote bag made by mwuah 

  • sweet little princess lace-up dolls from Yellow Mums (great for fine motor development, but also just really adorable)  :)  FYI: I printed these out and had them all ready months ago, but Yellow Mums just recently released a fun new (and also free) line of winter clothes for these dolls! 

  • puzzles from the dollar section at Target

  • crayon roll adapted from this tutorial on V and Co  FYI: I adapted this crayon roll to fit 24 crayons.  To do this, just add one inch of length per crayon.  But don't do it.  It's too many crayons for a little kid.  They (and you) will be happier with just a few to chose from (and pick up).
  • little note pad (originally given to me by one of my favorite college roomies--thanks Alex!)
This little bag of goodies for Olivia was so fun to make and fill.  It's just full of things she loves and is totally into right now.  It was so cheap to put together, but I know we'll get a lot of good use and happy times out of what's here.  :)


Kathy Haynie said...

That's a great bag-o-goodies. The mini puzzles were a lucky find! Nice work on all the projects. I bought a crayon roll for Arora at a bazaar - nice to know where to find the pattern!

Anonymous said...

You are so creative Katie.

Kendra said...

You amaze me.