Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trish's Apron

Adorable Christmas Tree Fabric from Cherry Lane Textiles

Using an apron that (I have loved for many years) as a template, I made this simple apron for Bryan's mom.

It's made of denim.  The bottom edge is the selvage edge.  The other edges are finished with grossgrain ribbon acting as a sort of bias tape.  I think if you're going to make one, real bias tape would be better, but this was what I had on hand.  And I love the bright and bold red next to the gray.

And--if you know me at all--you know my favorite part is that sweet little tag.  A wooden spoon?  For the kitchen?  In a cheery yellow?  Perfect. 

May this apron adorn my fun, kind mother-in-law for many wonderful adventures in the kitchen.  :)

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