Friday, February 18, 2011

A Dress for Spring!

Well, Spring isn't officially here yet, but we have had a few nice warm(er) days lately.  And it has been so refreshing!  So, inspired by all the nice weather, I made a happy new Spring dress for Bolivia.

While Olivia doesn't really grow out she sure grows up.  (As in, she doesn't really get fatter, but she gets taller.)  So even though the first shirred dress I made for Olivia still fits her in the sense that I can get it on over her head, she has long since outgrown its length.  (No pun intended.)  It's even too short as a little shirt/top thing now.  So anyway, a new dress was in order.

A fun new sheet piece of fabric that I picked up at the thrift store last week was perfect for a cheery little project like this.

This dress has lots of comfy rows of shirring on top...

...and a nice wide hem down at the bottom.

I'm just head-over-heels for this sweet vintage-style fabric.  But the cute fabric isn't my favorite thing about this dress.  My favorite part is...

...the buttons!

This is the first project I've had a chance to make with my new handmade buttons.  It seems a little silly, but I've been so busy making the buttons (and, ya know, being a mom and wife and stuff) that I haven't fit in a whole lot of sewing time lately.

So it was nice to finally get a chance to just sit down and sew.  And to have such fun buttons to sew with!  I know I'm biased, but I absolutely love them!  I really feel like these buttons add such a fun, original touch to the dress. 

This particular set of buttons (and the ones seen on the dress here) aren't actually a true red.  These ones came from a batch where I was experimenting a little in color mixing.  I was going for orange, but they came out more of a red-orange.  I'll admit I was a little bummed at first.  But then when I held up the buttons to this fabric for this dress... it was a perfect match!  It's funny how circumstance can totally change our perspective.

Anyway, since this tester batch was so small there's only one other set available.  You can purchase them HERE in my shop if you like.  May the fastest red-orange lover win the prize!  :)



You know how I am obsessed with love my TAGS.  :)

I'm absolutely in love with this little dress.  And the little girl inside it.  On days like today when the weather's a little more on the gloomy side, seeing this dress with all it's happy colors picks me right up.  Especially when it's on Olivia.

These little shirred dresses come together so quickly and since they're stretchy they fit for a long time, especially if you add in a little extra length to begin with.  

(Perhaps a tutorial is in order?)

So far, Olivia seems to love the dress.

It's perfect for rocking out.  
(Get it?  Rocking out?  In the rocking chair? ...)

It's long enough that it'll fit her well for a while, but not so long that she trips over it.  
And not so long that you can't see those cute little pink leggings.  :)

Adorable FELT BOW available from Wendy & Peter

Oh, and it's a pretty good dress for just hanging out and smiling at the world too.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Audrey Crisp said...


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Super cute, Katie! I love how the dress, buttons, and bow all go together. Cute fabric, cute kid, cute everything.

Kendra said...

ah ,i love it!!

Color Dynamic said...

Are the buttons washable?

Katie Lewis said...

Color Dynamic- The buttons are definitely hand washable. I'm still testing to see how they hold up in the washing machine/dryer.

Kathy Haynie said...

Yes - I would LOVE to see a smocking tutorial. Does that mean that Olivia will get another dress? :)

Liz said...

Gorgeous dress - and O looks so cute in it :)

Rach said...

Ok I found your blog though Craftiness is not optional . I have to know how you made the shoes LOVE , Where can I get the pattern!!!????
LOVE your blog just became a follower.

Julie Rosenhan said...

So very cute Katie! What thrift store did you get the sheet at? I love that fabric! And yes, I would love a tutorial on how to do the smocking part.

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

It's adorable and I love her bow too!

Anonymous said...

this is lovely! i am excited for spring and lots of sewing for my girl too... this is a great dress :) Erin

Anonymous said...

this is lovely! i am excited for spring and lots of sewing for my girl too... this is a great dress :) Erin