Monday, February 7, 2011

Printable Valentine's Banner, Matching Game, Tags, & More

Ready to get started?

Using the free printable below, you can celebrate Valentine's Day in a variety of ways.  Let's see!

Valentine's Day Banner

To construct this sweet little banner, simply print the appropriate pages out on white cardstock and use a 2" paper punch (or a steady hand and a pair of scissors) to cut out each circle.  Then use some embroidery floss and these directions to put it together.

Matching Game

Looking for a sugar-free Valentine for your kiddos to share with their friends?  Or maybe just something fun to add to all that sugar?  :)  Either way, this festive little matching game will be a fun way to spread the love.

Simply print out the pages with hearts and use a 2" circle punch (or scissors and a steady hand) to cut out each piece.  Each color of heart comes in sets of 4, so one print will make at least two sets (more if you only do a few colors per set).  Just make stacks of matching hearts and package them up for all your friends!

Not sure how to play the matching game?

Grab a friend.

Mix up the matches.

Turn them all face-down. 

And take turns turning over two at a time... 

...until you find a match!

Then set your match aside and continue the game.

Keep going until you've found all the matches!

Gift Tags
Simply print out the pieces you'd like to use as tags (I chose to use some hearts left over from our matching game).  Use a 2" circle punch (or scissors) to cut out your tags.  Then use a regular hole punch to make a hole in the top.  Write your note, string a cute scrap of fabric (or ribbon or whatever) through your tag, and tie it on to some sweet treats for your sweetie!

And More!
Here are a few additional ideas for how to use this printable.  Feel free to share more ideas in the comments!
  • Make a sweet little garland of just the hearts.
  • Write fun notes on the hearts and hide them around your home for your spouse or children to find.
  • Write love notes on the hearts and sneak them into your child's lunch.
  • Use the hearts as quick and easy Valentine's for your friends.
  • Use the hearts and/or letters as cupcake toppers for a Valentine's Day party.

Click HERE or on the image below to view and print.

Happy Printing and Sharing!


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Super cute. I should take a pic of the "banner" that our Katie made...let's just say it's not as polished looking as yours...but is cute in a made-by-a-kindergartener sort of way.

Lckevan said...

Sadie loves the matching game!!! I will definitely be printing those out! Thanks!

Julie Rosenhan said...

Super cute! I love the idea to use it as a matching game; and the idea for little secret notes. Thanks Katie!

Kathy Haynie said...

I see some secret notes in my sweetie's future...

Whitney said...

love it! i'm definitely going to print the memory game out. my students will love it. :)

Unknown said...

What a cute banner! I'm tweeting this to my followers!
Just found you via Dana... following your blog now!

Dymphie said...

so very cute, thanks for sharing the letters and hearts, tomorrow i'm linking back to your blog at 'deze is ook leuk' (a dutch language inspiration blog)