Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jeans, Bucket Hat, and Skorts (with a baby cakes tutorial)

The more we talk about and think through what we're going to cram into the car when we move, the more I'm realizing that we're going to be leaving 99% of our stuff behind.  And included in that 99% will be a lot of the clothes in my stash for making other stuff out of.  I've gotten all this stuff for free, but I'd still like to use it if I can. 

So, in an effort to use up as much of it as possible and make some great summer clothes for Olivia, I've started cranking out some fun new things.  Yesterday's projects: jeans, bucket hat, skorts.  (Yes, spell check and Bryan, skorts is a real word.)

These basic little jeans are made from a much bigger pair of jeans (that I picked up for free--woot woot!) and Dana's Flat Front Pants tutorial and pattern.  I shortened the length a little, but left everything else the same.  I love the way these turned out.  Such a quick, simple sew.

And I added one of my little tags to the back.  I got out of the habit and I keep forgetting to do that lately.

You can find my tutorial for how to make your own stamps and printed labels HERE.

Next up, this sweet and simple bucket hat.  I used the pattern and directions in this awesome book(Which, by the way, cost me something like $16.50 when I bought it.  Not sure why it's up to $40 now.  I'm sure you can find it cheaper elsewhere.)  I basically want to make every single thing in the book.

This hat is made from an old pair of white denim shorts (that I somehow got a blue pen mark on) and lined with a (stained) pink skirt.  I wasn't kidding when I said I'm trying to use up the stash.

Despite all the impressive topstitching, this hat was super easy to make.  And I think it would be even easier if it was made of knit (i.e. old t-shirts).  There just may be another in the near future.  But how many hats does one little girl need?

And of course this little beauty got a tag slapped on it too.  How could I resist?

And lest you think I'm all-boring-all-the-time, the inside is bright pink.  :)  And since the hat is completely reversible, this means that Olivia now has a white hat and a bright pink hat.  Jawsome.

The lining of the crown was supposed to be hand-stitched in.  Uhh... like that was gonna happen.  I just skipped the hand stitching and went straight to the topstitching.  Then I went back and sewed another row of stitching right on the very edge to make it look a little more profi (that's my husband's family's word for "professional").  It came out a little on the crazy side, but I actually really like it.

One cute hat for the Bolivia?  Check.

Last up are these super-easy little skorts.

Skirt on top (inspired by this easy skirt)...

...shorts underneath!  

There's no way Olivia's going to keep her skirt nicely in place, so this will keep her from being inapropos all summer.

No, I'm not going to write a whole tutorial.  It's so easy.

Just do this:
  • Cut off the bottom of a shirt or tank top. (This will be your skirt piece.)
  • Fold the top (raw) edge over about an 1" and iron.
  • Use Rae's (free) Newborn Pants pattern and tutorial (but don't cut the full length of the pants--make them shorter so they'll be shorts) to make your little shorts, but DON'T finish off the top of the shorts.
  • Stuff the top (raw) edge of your shorts under the fold at the top of your skirt piece and pin in place.
  • Sew a zigzag stitch around the top to keep that folded edge (and the top of the shorts) in place, but leave an opening about an 1" wide.
  • Thread your elastic through the casing and sew the elastic ends together.
  • Sew the opening shut.
  • And you're done!  You now have skorts.  Ta-da!  Congratulations.  :)

They're so fast and easy (not to mention made of free materials) I think I might have to make twelve more.  And I think they should be pretty fun and comfy for Olivia.

So... that's what I made for Olivia yesterday!  
We'll see what today brings!


James and Elizabeth said...

Your bucket hats are amazing.

JenFink said...

Super Cute! I am going to hunt that book down. I love the hat! My son is going to need some hats soon!

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Haynie said...

All those little tags really make the creations so special. Lucky Miss O!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

They all look amazing!! Look how productive you are!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

I think I definitely want that book. Love the staples you made-and the pink lining on the hat!

Christy said...

Wow, makes me want to make some stuff for my little bug. I just finished sewing her first little dress but it's a little dressy so I need to do some every day stuff. Like your tag too. I'll check out the tutorials for that. Great stuff.

Unknown said...

The hat is very cute! The book is actually available cheaper from the Book Depository, with free shipping worldwide.

Lisa Lou said...

So cute!! and the skort comment made me laugh...

Lauren said...

You could probably make the pants of a stretch fabric, and make them the length of pants, and then you'd always have leggings connected to the skirt!

Katie Lewis said...

Mirja said...

Love it!!! I got the book last week and made the bear carrier for my son. I am totally in love with this book!

dana said...

The flat front turned out great!! love it!
And cute hat too :)