Monday, March 21, 2011


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If you've been reading my blog for a while (or if you picked up on this not-so-subtle hint) then you already know that we're moving soon.

Being consumed with thoughts about what to do with what and what to sell and what to keep has been both a gradual and a sudden process.  I think if you've ever moved you know what I mean.  It seems gradual in the sense that you can't get rid of everything in one fail swoop (unless you take it all to the dump or the thrift store, I guess), but it comes on suddenly in the sense that you keep thinking, "We have time, we have time..." and then one day you realize that illustrious moving day is sneaking up on you sooner than you think.

I had that "Oh!  We're moving really soon!" moment a couple of days ago.  (Though my faithful walking buddies would probably tell you different.  They've been hearing me blab on about this for months now.)  When Bryan went into the bathroom everything was normal.  When Bryan came out of the bathroom he said, "So, I've been thinking.  It'll cost us about $2000 to move.  Why don't we only take what'll fit in the car and buy new stuff with the money we would have spent moving?"

My first thought was, "No way!  That's not possible!"  But the more we talked about it the more it made such perfect sense.  Why wouldn't we do that?  It's not like we own really nice stuff.  Most of our furniture came to us second-hand or from IKEA.  So it's fine, but it's not so nice that it'll be hard to replace. 

Also, I think Bryan and I know ourselves a lot better now than when we first got married, both as individuals and as a married couple.  When we first got married we did what everyone else did.  We got a lot of stuff just because it seemed like the normal thing to do.  We didn't think twice about registering for dishes that were huge.  They were cool.  Good enough reason.  On to the next thing.  But over the past few years we've really learned a lot about what kind of stuff we like and what kind of stuff we actually use. 

And, truth be told, we're not going to miss the stuff we're getting rid of.  I guess there are probably people out there who would feel sick and miserable at the thought of getting rid of 98% of what they own.  But we feel liberated by it.  Truly.  We're both so excited to have a fresh start with stuff and style and what we let into our home (and, by extension, our lives). 

So we have a few months to sell what we can at yard sales and the like, but we're trying to start  now as much as possible.

Anybody want to buy our couch?


Danielle Bartran said...

It's the worst (getting rid of stuff) and the best (getting rid of stuff.) I think you seem to have a good attitude about moving and being minimalist about what you'll bring. I've moved 3 times since getting married in 2006, and just found out this morning we'll be moving again in late summer. I dread it, I do thin out a little, but I always worry, what if I'll need this in the next house-why buy something twice?! Oh, and I'm 8 months pregnant-so I have that milestone to look forward to before moving with TWO children. Uuuugh moving.

Kathy Haynie said...

Genius. I think you and Bryan will love remaking your home. What a great adventure!

Alyssa - Live. Love. Craft. said...

Sounds really exciting! I would love to get rid of all of our stuff and get all new stuff! Have fun!!