Friday, March 18, 2011


This picture really has nothing to do with the post.  It's just pretty.

Thanks so much for putting up with me lately.  I feel like I've been a little crazy. 

Although, in all fairness, every time I read on someone's blog that they've been busy or not around much or whatever I always think "Oh... I didn't notice."

Anyway, back to the crazies.  I've been thinking about it (and I've been thinking a lot about the color red lately, but that has nothing to do with this) and I think that, basically, a lot of areas in my life are picking up speed right now.  From starting an Etsy shop and learning about the whole world that comes with that, to starting the process of "do we want to keep this?" to get ready for moving this summer, to "Olivia, you can have a jello when you go pee-pees in the potty!"--my life and my brain have been all over the place.


(Or at least it's obvious to me.)

And basically what all these new things boil down to is a major time of transition.  Some of these transitions will likely slow down and stop picking up speed once we get over the hump (i.e. moving and potty training) and some of these things (i.e. ye olde Etsy shop) will hopefully keep picking up speed.

Maybe you're not interested, but I wanted to talk about these things a little.  I'm feeling rambly.

Apparently we're moving in a bus?  Sorry, I don't really have any great "moving" pictures on file.  Yet.

I was thinking about it the other day and I had a realization.  Living in a college town for the past (almost) seven years, I've helped A LOT of people move out.  Some people move every semester, it seems.  And now that we live among married people, they graduate and move on with their lives.  My sister-in-law says I'm an excellent packer.  And, since I'm willing to accept basically any flattery, I believe her.  So in all honesty, I'm not overly worried or stressed about moving out.

But here's the thing.  Number of times in my life that I've moved in to someplace new?  4.  And that's if you count moving from the top floor of my apartment complex when I was single down to the bottom floor... but it was just for a month while they remodeled our apartment and then we moved back in.  The other three moves include moving into the dorms freshman year (yes, I lived in the same house during all of my growing up years), moving into my apartment when I was single, and moving into our apartment when we got married.  All three of these places are less than a mile apart.  None of these moves required a moving truck (or even boxes).  And none of these moves involved moving any furniture or appliances. 

In other words, I've never unpacked a whole home before.  I think it'll be fun and refreshing.  And a total hassle with a toddler. 

Potty Training

I had been thinking about potty training anyway.  Olivia's interested in the potty and I didn't want to squash that interest just as it was ripening.  Then when we had our little neighborhood preschool here the other day the topic of potty training came up and it totally fanned the flame.

So, of course, I did what all parents do when they want to get ready to potty train their kids. 

I made panties. 

Haha.  Okay, obviously that's not what most parents do.  I'm no expert, but I guess most parents probably spend the few bucks to get princess or cars panties/underwear to lure their kids away with.  And while Olivia would totally be digging underwear with cars on it, I wasn't ready to invest any money in the whole potty training thing.  I knew she was interested, but I didn't know how far that would go.  I didn't really want to buy anything and then regret it later.  So I made some panties for her out of some old t-shirts I've had in my stash (more on making these later... probably) and, luckily, they turned out great.

Is there anything cuter than a tiny toddler bum covered up with a fresh pair of undies?

Probably not.

And I suppose it's this funny/adorable sight that kept me motivated while I made somewhere around 7 or 8 more pairs for Miss Tinybums. 

But if you're looking for some glorious potty-training success story, you won't find it here.  At least not yet.  Number of times she's used the potty?  Once.  And that one time she seemed more terrified of the whole experience than excited or empowered. 

I admit I haven't been consistent about potty training at all yet.  I'll let you know how it goes when I get there.  In the mean time I'm going to put those little bums in the tiny panties every chance I get.  Even if it means an accident every five minutes.

Or maybe just when I'm feeling up for it.

The Etsy Shop

I know, I know, when you have a shop and sell stuff you're supposed to remain all cool and nonchalant about it.  "Yeah, yeah, people buy stuff I make.  It's no big deal."

Uhh... hello!  It's a super big deal!  And I still get super excited and happy every time I get that little "Etsy Transaction" e-mail.  All of my hesitations about having an Etsy shop?  Totally gone.

I'm having an absolute blast selling things from my shop.  It's so fun to get to interact with people all over the world and know that the things I've made are going to someone who will really love using them. 

And I know this makes me a total nerd, but I have discovered that I totally have a packaging fettish.  I love using little bits from around my sewing area to package up the goodies people buy.  It's fun to sell the PDFs (especially since you get to have them arrive in your inbox so quickly!), but I am sad that I don't get to package them up all cute and write you a note and send it your way in a little bubble envelope.

But along with all the fun, there's also a lot to learn.  And I'm sure I haven't even scratched the surface yet.  

Here is another random picture I like.

Anyway, those are some of the transitions I'm experiencing.  I'm sure I'll learn a lot through each of them. 

And hopefully someday Olivia will be out of diapers.


Unknown said...

when are you guys moving this summer? because we, at least me and leo, will be up for july 4th for a big family thing....

Kathy Haynie said...

Haha - I PROMISE that Olivia will one day be out of diapers. Betcha a milkshake. :)

the momma said...

on the potty training front ~ I've trained 7 (just one more to go...) and I can tell you from my vast ;-) experience, if you wait until the CHILD is ready, it will be fast and easy. Basically, a child will be fully trained when a child is READY to be fully trained. If MOMMA decides the start date - it could take a year, if CHILD decides the start date, it could take a week. End date will be the same, regardless. (unless the whole ordeal has been so traumatic for the child it actually takes LONGER...)

My 5th son was fully trained before his brother was, who is 17 months older than him!! (I'll admit to getting a bit anxious about that one! Bodies (and everything in them) are all so different. My encouragement is to not look at the calendar; look at your precious girl.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, with more ups, than downs, on the roller-coaster of life

Lisa Lou said...

Last night Mark and I went to an info meeting about vet school - finances, what to expect, loan repayment options, etc - and I got so overwhelmed. Good thing we have another year before we start thinking about moving/me being a widow because I never see my husband/etc. Good luck with everything. We're excited for you guys!

Julie Rosenhan said...

I'm glad that you started your Etsy shop. I love everything that you make. Most days Alan comes home and I'm all like "check out what Katie made today! So cute!" He's a good sport about it all.

Good luck potty training. If you find any big secrets let me know. I've always been terrified of potty training and I'm definitely not looking forward to it.

Unknown said...

Love this post! I have some experience in all of these transitions..and I'm still not an expert.

Moving: I've personally moved 16 times. Four of those were after I was married and had babies. Yikes. I have learned to be an expert at packing/dejunking, for sure. But moving is kinda's nice to start over fresh and new!

Potty Training: I'm on kid number 4 right now. I commend you for not wanting to squash the interest. My little number 4 goes occasionally...and I don't push it too much. I just don't have the energy or patience. I've found that if I'm laid back about it...they get the hang of it eventually!

Etsy: Whew! What an adventure! There's sooooo much to learn and do and see and try! And so much to get caught up in, instead of actually making and selling stuff! And I think you're totally right! It's AWESOME to be able to say that I've sold things to people in Italy, Israel, and Uganda!

Um...sorry...I'm a little long-winded, I guess! Thanks for the inspiration! You rock!!

ReVinyl said...

Hi Katie! May I use the pictues of the leather bracelet for boys and link to your site? I`m writing for a norwegian site for children kalled Did`nt reach you by mail.Thank you! Regards Siw Eriksen,

teacherspet04 said...

The older I get, the more I realize that transitions are the stuff of an active, usually (even if it doesn't seem that way at the time) blessed life. May you be Blessed in them!

And, after 5 kiddos, I agree with "themomma" above - don't sweat the potty stuff. I've decided with my current 2 1/2 year old to "un"potty train & i just go with her flow (sorry ;o) I about made myself hysterical in the past. I've had a 17 mo old train himself, and a 4 yo whom I had to threaten & bribe to get her to give in. Eventually, they all get it.


Julie Rosenhan said...

Oh and I would love a tutorial on how to make those adorable panties!

The Extra Ordinary Bree said...

Love your potty panties! We're in the middle of potty training here too!

Your Olivia's already gone once! Wow! That's pretty awesome!

My Olivia learned 10x faster than her brothers did and she was totally interested in the panties (my boys could care less who was on their undies!) I made some for her and they looked like mine (no not thongs lol!) And she thought that was the coolest thing ever!

Good luck with your move and your etsy shop is great!

Lindsay said...

Great post Katie! Good luck on potty training! And as soon as you know when you're headed out, message me. We'd love for you to stay with us. :)

Melissa said...

I havent been keeping up with my blog reading lately, and that is why my comments are so late!

Moving-- we will be moving this summer. Most likely from California to Wisconsin for my hubs to finish school. Completely different move than to school by myself. I now have two kids and a bunch of stuff. I would be scared to get rid of so much of my stuff, but then I thought about it. it WOULD be liberating. Its just stuff!

Potty Training-- Jesse is potty training. I love the ideas of making your own trainer paints. He isnt doing the greatest, but he just got a new baby sister, so he has had some regression. I dont have any great ideas, except keep the stack of underwear in the bathroom. We used to keep them in the bedroom but it was too much to keep going back and forth with a naked two year old to get a clean pair. Cant believe it took me that long to figure that one out! LOL. :D